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Is Apple Ahead of Meta in the VR & AR Battle?

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Finally, it seems Apple is all set to launch its mixed-reality headsets. These headsets which are not yet launched have been in talks for years.

Last week, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealed that tech giant Apple has started to demonstrate its AR/VR (augmented reality, virtual reality) headset to its board of directors. This step indicates that the testing and development phase of the device has reached its advanced stage. Gurman added that the company has a “consumer release planned for 2023.”

Apple is already known for its innovative marketing strategies for its products, which means the company will acquire a first place in the battle of mixed reality with the release of AR/VR headset.

Is Apple Ahead of Meta in the VR & AR Battle

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AR/VR rivalry between Apple & Meta

Apple and Meta give each other tough competition. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, entered the world of AR/VR with the launch of its Ray-Ban smart glasses back in 2021.

When Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg renamed the company, he decided to spend $10 billion/ year to accomplish his vision of a VR-enabled metaverse. And surprisingly, the company saw progress during the year 2021 as the sales of Meta’s Quest 2 hit 8.7 million units. This was twice as much as it profited in the prior year. Meta Quest tops the list of most popular and accessible VR headsets in the market. 

However, Meta couldn’t beat Apple in terms of wearables hardware. As per Apple analyst Neil Cybart, Apple shipped more than 100 million wearables including AirPods, Apple watch, and Beat headphones in 2021 alone.

This number proves that no one can beat Apple and hence it is ahead of Meta. The company has been focusing on both the design and functioning of its products which is another reason why Apple is the boss!

Here are some interesting facts about Apple

  • In the first quarter of 2021, Apple earned $691,234.57 per minute
  • Steve Jobs was fired from Apple in 1985
  • Did you ever notice Apple devices’ time in their advertisements? Its always 9:41
  • A MacBook Pro can stop a bullet in its tracks

 Aren’t these some amazing facts?

 Do comment below your thoughts and reviews and let us know what you think about Apple?

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