How to Remove Copyright Claim on YouTube

remove copyright claim on youtube

In the digital era, content creators are trying to reach the maximum audience with engaging, useful content. However, many times, they do face the problem of infringement when others use their content and claim it as their own! If copyright-protected work been posted on YouTube without authorisation, and are wondering how to remove copyright claim on YouTube, you can request for the removal of copyright claim.

The most-used video sharing platform allows its user to remove the claimed portion of the content from their videos so that one can monetise from the content uploaded.  This is beneficial because in many situations, only a small portion of the video may get a claim, and removing that small piece of content, may not affect the video’s overall message.

Here’s how to remove copyright claim on YouTube

One needs to follow quite a few steps to successfully upload a YouTube video. You have to give your video a title along with a crisp description, a thumbnail, and well-researched keywords to ensure it reaches the maximum number of people.

To dispute copyright claim on YouTube

·        In the Check section of your YouTube channel, click ‘Select Action’ under the Actions header of the page.

·        Here, you will be presented with the following two questions:

o   Remove claimed content?

o   Do you have rights to this content?

·        While the first question allows you to fix the copyright claim. If your video contains copyrighted music, for example, you can replace the song or Mute it.

·        If you own the rights to the content, navigate to ‘Do you have rights to this content?’ and click on ‘Dispute’.

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To remove copyright claim on YouTube

remove copyright claim on youtube 1

·        Sign in to your YouTube Studio.

·        Tap on ‘Videos’ tab and search for the video with the copyrighted content claimed.

·        Here, first click on the ‘Copyright claim’ message of the video, and then tap on ‘View copyright claim details’.

·        Now click on ‘Select action’.
If you do not want to dispute the claim but only to trim out the claimed content, click ‘Trim out segment’.

·        Click on ‘Continue’ after carefully understanding what the trim will do to your video.

·        Be patient and wait for the video to be processed. This can take up to a few hours, depending on the video.

Submit copyright takedown request

Submitting copyright takedown is another way to remove copyright claim on YouTube videos. This involves a legal process.

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