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How to Poke Someone on Facebook That is Not your Friend

Remember the days when Facebook was all about writing on walls, tagging friends in memes, and of course, the mysterious ‘poke’? While many features have come and gone, the poking feature is still there! 

 For many, it’s a nostalgic reminder of simpler times, while for others, it’s a curious feature waiting to be explored. But here’s the catch – how to poke someone on facebook that is not your friend? And if so, how? Read on to know how! 

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How to Poke Someone on Facebook That is Not your Friend?

Unfortunately, you cannot poke someone on Facebook that is not your friend. Facebook only allows poking features for friends and friends of friends. To poke someone on Facebook  you need to send them a friend request. Once they have accepted your friend request, you will be able to poke them.

how to poke someone on facebook that is not your friend 1

How you can poke someone on Facebook in 2023? 

Poking on Facebook is a simple process. You can poke someone using the Facebook website or the mobile app.

Poke A Friend on Facebook on Mobile

Step 1: Access Facebook App

  • Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  • Click on the search icon in the top right.

Step 2: Locate “Poke”

  • In the search bar, enter “Poke” and initiate the search.

Step 3: Use Pokes Feature

  • Select “Pokes” from the search results.
  • The page will display users who have poked you and suggestions for whom you can poke.
Pokes Feature
  • To poke someone specific, search their name and click “Poke” beside it.
Pokes Feature 1
  • If someone has poked you, you can respond with “Poke Back.”

Poke A Friend on Facebook [Computer]

Step 1: to Facebook

  • Open a web browser and log into Facebook.
  • Directly access the Facebook Poke page.

Step 2: Explore Poke Page

  • The page will show users who have poked you.
  • You can poke them back or search for others to poke using the search feature.

Step 3: Initiate Poke

  • Find the person you wish to poke.
  • Click the “Poke” button adjacent to their name.

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Now you have got the answer to your question on “how to poke someone on facebook that is not your friend”. Here are the simple steps you can follow to poke someone on facebook: Go to Search → Type “Pokes” → Pokes → Search the person → Poke them.

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