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All you need to know about how to play PowerBall

Who does not want to win a jackpot if it’s worth hundreds of millions or billions? Of course, everybody would love to dream of winning the lottery. Whether you win billions or some bucks, playing the lottery can be an enticing game. It’s no wonder that millions of people try their luck in this game every week.

Powerball has been offering this opportunity since its establishment in 1942. Playing this game can be life-changing for you if you know the proper tactics. So, if you are a newcomer in this game and want to know the ways to participate; this guide is for you. We have prepared an enlisted guide in which you will know about how to play Powerball.

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Follow these steps to learn how to play Powerball

1. Buy a Powerball ticket

To enter this game, first, you have to buy a Powerball ticket. You can find the ticket at any local store but make sure that the store is an authorized one. There are some facts you should know before buying the ticket. First of all, you have to be 18 years above. Second, Powerball ticket is not sold in Alaska, Utah, Nevada, Alabama and Hawaii. So, if you are a citizen of these said territories, then it is advised not to play Powerball; as it’s considered illegal in these countries. Now if you are willing to play with the same number, then buy a multi-draw ticket from the store. You can use the same number while playing up to 26 times. You can also buy a Powerball ticket online if your region permits it. Powerball’s official site varies from region to region. Check the list of states below to know if your region let you purchase Powerball ticket online or not.

  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Illinois
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • New Hampshire
  • North Dakota
  • Pennsylvania

If you are a citizen of the above states, then you are eligible to buy online tickets. Just type your state’s name + Powerball on the official site of Powerball in your region. Make sure not to buy tickets from any third-party seller; the ticket may refuse to pay out the money if you win a lottery.

how to play PowerBall 1

2. Fill out your ticket

After buying, you have to fill up your ticket according to the guidelines. We know you are a newcomer and most probably you are puzzled and can’t understand how to fill out the ticket. Don’t worry, we will guide you step-by-step. Your Powerball ticket may vary from region to region but the process of filling the ticket remains the same. So, follow these steps below to know about how to fill the ticket.

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  • You have to specify the numbers you want to bet on. Powerball ticket is divided into sections which are called boards. These boards have rows and numbers. Each of the boards counts as a $ 2 ticket. Now you can fill one board on the ticket or you can fill in a single set of numbers whichever you want to choose.
  • Now each board will have a powerplay option which will let you buy a powerplay for your chosen set of numbers. You can choose it if you want.
  • If you don’t want to fill out your ticket; that’s okay. Fill out the QP or Quick Pick option on your ticket. This will let your computer choose random numbers.
  • Now select how many drawings you want to choose. If you have bought a multi-draw ticket then you can select multiple drawings. For example, if you want to choose two drawings then select the number 2.
  • If you have made any kind of mistake on the ticket, then don’t try to correct it. Just fill in the VOID space on your chosen board and leave it. Continue to fill in your numbers on another board.
  • If you are done with filling your ticket, give it back to the clerk of the store. He will calculate the price by counting how many sets and powerplays you have bought.
how to play PowerBall 2

3. Check the result on the official website

You can check the number combinations for prize-winning at the regional website of Powerball. If your chosen numbers match with the combination, then you can pick your winning. First, you have to know the prize combinations before checking the numbers. Check the list below to know about winning combinations.

  • Red ball matching – $ 4
  • Red ball and one white ball – $ 4
  • Red ball and two white balls – $ 7
  • Three white balls – $ 7
  • Red ball and three white balls – $ 100
  • Four white balls – $100
  • Red ball and four white balls – $50,000
  • Five white balls – $1,000,000
  • Red ball and five white balls – Jackpot

If you add a Powerplay multiplier with this, your prize amount will also vary. To know more about this, check the Powerball prize chart

how to play PowerBall 3

4. Process to collect your winnings

If your combination matches with the winning combination, that means you have won a prize. Now if it’s a small amount of money, you can collect it from the vendor you have bought your ticket. But if your prize money is above $600, then you have to go to the state lottery office to collect your money. Remember, Powerball tickets do expire, its expiry date lasts from 90 days to 1 year. Powerball provides instructions about how you can claim your prize with more details. If you are not present at your state for some reason, you can mail your ticket to the state lottery office to claim your prize money.

5. Choose a payout option

Winning is not the last resort in this game. You have to play wisely till the last moment. While claiming the prize, you have to choose a payout option as per your need. You will have two options, either you claim it at once or you can receive it annually in instalments. Now if you want long-term stability, you can claim it annually as you have to pay 1/30th taxes of your prize and you can receive interest as well. On the other hand, taking the prize money at once will be risky as you have to pay half of your prize money as tax and this will vary the income tax rate of the respective state.

Some facts to remember

  • Powerball ticket costs $ 2 and if you add powerplay, it will cost $ 1 extra.
  • Matching Powerball drawings are shown in live broadcasts on Powerball’s official website each week on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
  • The broadcast live streams at 10:59 PM Eastern time.

That’s all we have shared about how to play Powerball. It’s a thrilling experience and one ticket can change your life at once. Always remember to play this game for fun and it may take several chances to win. Play responsibly and don’t rely on this game for your financial security. As it’s wholly a twist of luck, don’t be discouraged for not winning at a single time. We hope you are a responsible citizen and make sure to abide by the rules of playing as directed by your state. Good luck! 

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