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How To Bypass Facebook Verification Process in 2022?

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You have come to the right place if you somehow lost access to your Facebook account and want to know how to bypass Facebook verification process in 2022. Facebook got strict recently and thus started the account verification process. The aim is to make Facebook a safer place and ensure that only genuine or authentic people and businesses are on the platform.

How To bypass Facebook verification process in 2022?

The ways to bypass the four different Facebook verification processes are mentioned in detail below:

Photo verification process: Photo verification is the most frustrating and time-consuming verification process of all. It requires you to match the photo you see on your screen with the user who shared it. It remains easy as long as you get to see known faces. However, Facebook sometimes shows memes shared by users or a group photo in which the real user may or may not be present.

Moreover, people make friends with random people and it may not be possible to remember everybody’s face. Facebook does give the option to skip the images a few times though.

You need to match the photos manually and may need to keep on doing so for a couple of days regularly until you gain access to your account. Alternately, you can opt for VPN services where most of the time photo verification option does not come up. The VPN services are paid with the option to go for a free trial first for some of them. It is up to you to choose the VPN service provider.

ID verification process: This is the easiest of all. You just need to upload the image of any of your government ID cards. Once it gets approved, you can access your account. The process can take up to 24 hours.

You can also fill out this form to upload up to a maximum of three ids to increase the chance of a successful verification. If the details match properly, the account will get unlocked. However, if your account is not verified within 24 hours, you need to opt for VPN services. Then, you will just be asked to input your date of birth or registered mobile number.

You will gain access to your account as soon as you enter the details. Make the necessary changes in your account details if you have given any wrong information previously. Otherwise, you are at risk of getting locked out again.

Number verification process: It is the simplest of all. You just need to input your registered mobile number and await the OTP. Once you enter the OTP, Facebook will allow access to your account.

If your Facebook account is not linked with a phone number, you may choose to enter a new number where OTP would be sent, which you need to enter when prompted.

Selfie verification process: This one is among the latest verification process introduced in 2022 by Facebook. It requires you to upload your video selfie and once Facebook checks and verifies the same within 24 hours, you will get access to your account. 

Things to know

Facebook deleted all details once the account is verified. Thus, it is okay to enter your phone number or upload your selfie or government ID for the Facebook verification process.

You should not use any shortcut method to gain access to your account. Also, refrain from uploading a fake ID or giving wrong information as it would complicate the process and your account may get banned forever.

While any issue gets resolved within 24 hours, at times it may take up to 48 hours. If even after 48 hours, the account does not get verified, you may have to check again what went wrong and how to get things done correctly this time.

Hope this article helped you in getting to know how to bypass Facebook verification process in 2022. Let us know in the comments section below which verification process did you encounter?

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