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Facebook Live Audio Rooms with Clubhouse Like Features

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The social media giant is rolling out Clubhouse-like Facebook live audio rooms in the US. The company is also launching podcast streams to keep the audience from shifting to other platforms. There have also been rumours that Facebook is working on collaborating with Spotify to tap into the streaming platform’s large podcast library.

Are Facebook live rooms a copy of Clubhouse?

The Facebook live rooms will allow public figures with verified accounts to start live audio rooms and invite anyone else to speak. The company also plans to introduce a few podcasts for the US audience, and will eventually end up adding more to the list.

Facebook Live Audio Rooms with Clubhouse

According to Facebook’s official blog post, “Live Audio Rooms and podcasts rolling out in the US is just the beginning of our audio journey. Looking ahead, we are working with creators who will use our audio tools to further develop and launch Soundbites — short-form, creative audio clips.”

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The blogpost further said, “In addition, our broader integrity and safety work and the tools we have built for proactively and automatically identifying harmful content are great building blocks, but we plan to adapt tech and processes as we learn more.”

Facebook is also building tools for influencers to take advantage of audio on its platform(s). The company has also introduced several new audio creation tools, which are deemed to be quite powerful than the already existing ones.  

Facebook Live Audio Rooms with Clubhouse 2

The new building tools introduced by Facebook include:

  • Speech-to-text
  • Voice morphing 
  • Artificial intelligence-driven noise cancellation while recording 

The company has even introduced a new Soundbites feature, specially designed for short-form audio clips. This one is quite similar to Twitter’s recent voice tweets feature.

The company is still testing Facebook live audio rooms and plans to make them available for the world by 2022.

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