Facebook will always be a favourite. For most of us, our first interaction with the online world was through Facebook. The social media platform gave everyone an opportunity to experiment and display their life on a virtual world. The online world grew and became popular, and with this came in other social media channels, offering something unique and different.

While Facebook has thrived and never lost its charm, many have grown out of it and have become addicted to the new platforms. If you are wondering how to delete old Facebook account without password or email, then we have the answer for you. You can delete Facebook Account without username or password. Let us tell you how!!

Delete Facebook Account without Username or Password 2

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In case you don’t remember the login details to your Facebook account, it is possible to gain access and delete it if no longer in use. Here’s how to delete Facebook account without username or password

Recover Your Login Password

  • Log on to www.facebook.com
  • Enter the old Facebook account username. If you don’t remember it, enter the one that you know. Now, enter the last password you remember
  • In case you get a push notification, saying that the username or password is invalid, you will also get option to change password
  • Click on change or recover password
  • Enter the registered mobile phone number you had used to create the account
  • At this stage, you will receive an SMS containing an OTP
  • Copy the number and paste it in the space provided
  • Now, change the password of your choice

Once done, follow the below mentioned steps to delete Facebook account.

Report Your Old Account as Fake

This is another way to delete Facebook account without login. Just by reporting your old account as fake, how do you do that?

Go to your profile

  • Tap on three dot signs on the bottom right of your cover photo
  • Click now on pretending to be someone and then tap on ‘Me’

Delete Facebook Account Without Email and Password using Facebook Help Centre

Delete Facebook Account without Username or Password 1

Here is yet another way to delete Facebook without logging in.

  • Open the internet web browser and log on to Facebook help portal
  • Follow the prescribed steps to report that you want to delete your old account

We hope you are able to delete Facebook account with username and password. Let us know if you are having any difficulties. Our technical team would be happy to assist.


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