We have bad news for Call of Duty players. Beware as Activision researchers have recently noticed a ‘dropper’ application in popular cheats which enablez remote installation of malware onto a player’s computer. According to Call of Duty update, Activision has revealed that hackers are trying to trick Call of Duty: Warzone players into downloading malware disguised as cheat software.

It seems like the hackers are on a campaign to get the players download the cheat software, it is where the nasty malware is hidden. It is when the player runs the fake cheating engine that the malware can infect the computer.

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How the Call of Duty malware is infecting computers?

The dropper, “Cod Dropper v0.1,” is being spread through hacking forums, and if installed, it has the capacity to inject all manner of other software. This gives hackers a chance to carry out devious activities.

To use gaming cheats, players are always asked to disable malware protection, thus giving the download high-level system access. Now, even though the cheating communities are always on a lookout for potential malware, it only takes a little bit of persistence for the makers of CoD Dropper to get hold of their targets to make their mission a success.

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Gaming enthusiasts simply assume the cheat needs side door access to work, and in doing so, they give the malware an opening to infect the computer system. This, in turn, creates a perfect platform for the malware to make its way into any system.

Downloading the cheat activates the fixing of a malicious dropper application — also known as a remote access trojan (RAT) — which the hacker can further use to install additional malicious software on the victim’s computer.

It looks like the creator of the hack has been making great efforts to push this malware as a newbie-friendly way of dispensing a RAT since last month.

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Stay tuned for Call of Duty update. Call of Duty not the only one to experience hack-infested hacks: players downloading cheats for Valorant, Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox have all witnessed unwanted surprises. We request all the players out there not to use any cheating fixes.