Prone to malware, mobile phones are vulnerable to a whole host of malicious software that can cause havoc in your smart device. Hiding in the third-party app shops, malware is all about the stealth attack.  It makes its way into your mobile phones in the form of fake, malicious apps and sneak into the Google play store to steal personal credentials from under your nose, and when it has made its way in to your phone, it performs multiple operations to get a hold of sensitive information, without your approval. This mobile parasite competes with your phone’s resources and works diligently to destroy your mobile’s programmes, thus hampering the speed of your smartphone.  If you want to know how to remove malware from your mobile phone, the first step is to learn how to identify its presence.

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The First Step In How To Remove Malware From Mobile Phone

To begin with, it is important to identify whether or not your mobile phone is infected with the virus or not. Here are some symptoms you need to be wary of.

  • App crashing: if your apps are crashing regularly for no apparent reason, then there is a huge possibility that the virus has made its way into your mobile phone
  • Excessive data usage: If you are running out of data, the chances of a malware running behind, trying to transmit information from your mobile are higher.
  • Pop-ups for adware: If you are annoyed with unwanted pop-up ads on your iPhone or Android phone even when your browser is closed, you have a case of malicious entry.  
  • Battery drainage:To know how to remove malware from mobile phone, it is important to check if your phone needs constant charging. If that is so, you should consider the presence of virus as the major cause.
  • Overheating:If your phone is heating up for no apparent reason, there is a possibility that a virus is running in the background
  • Unwanted apps: Don’t remember downloading the app? Is an unfamiliar app sitting on your mobile? Uninstall it right away.

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Simple Steps on How To Remove Malware From Mobile Phone

  • Clean your phone: Clearing history and data is the first step in how to remove malware from mobile phone. To ensure the webpages don’t misbehave, clear cache and cookies. This would remove unwanted webpages and diminish the chances of a potential virus attack.
  • Reboot: another method that answers the question ogf how to remove malware from mobile phone is switching off and rebooting the phone in safe mode. All you need to do is press the power button and restart your phone in the Safe Mode. When the animation starts, press and hold your phone’s volume down button. Hold it until the animatronics ends. You will see “Safe mode” at the bottom of your screen.
  • Check your downloaded apps:Always be on a lookout for apps that look suspicious, especially the ones that you don’t recall installing. Uninstall them for good.
  • Do not grant administrators’ privilege: Check your security settings to see which apps hold the administrator permissions. Check if the troublemaker app features on this list. If so, take away the granted rights and immediately uninstall the identified app.
  • Perform Factory Data Reset: Navigate to Settings, then click on back-up and reset, and finally perform factory data reset. This will erase all data saved in the internal storage of your device, including your account, system app and data settings, music, photos, etc.
  • Run a phone virus scan: The last step in how to remove malware from mobile phone is to run a phone virus scan to identify potential malware. The Google Play Store many antivirus apps which can be used to scan and remove virus from your phone.