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How to Change Your Google Assistant’s Voice on Android

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Google Assistant has made it easier to play music, call a friend, or even set an alarm. There are many users who want to change your Google Assistant’s voice on their Android smartphone. So, here is a look at how to do the same.

1. Change your Google Assistant’s voice on an Android smartphone

Begin by activating Google Assistant on your Android smartphone. Use the command ‘Hey Google’ or simply press the Google Assistant button on the side of your phone.

Next, simply say ‘Change your voice.’

Tap the Manage Voice Settings tab that is visible on the smartphone screen.

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Next, scroll through all voice presets to begin to hear every voice. Tap an option you want to set up and you are all done.

You will be entering an interesting menu here, comprising different-colored icon types that you may swipe through. Select the color and listen to the sample of a preset voice.

There are a number of varied accents to choose from. You can also pick male or female voices. Scroll on till you find one you really like. Once done, simply close the app and Google Assistant will continue using the new voice.

How to Change Voice of Google Assistant Guide - Bollyinside

2. Google Assistant’s voice on your Android smartphone Change via Google app

  • Go over to the Google app on your Android smartphone
  • Tap on the profile icon available in the top right-hand corner of this app
  • Tap the Settings button
  • On the next screen, select Google Assistant
Change the Google Assistant’s Voice 1
  • Tap Assistant Voice and Sounds option under the All Settings tab
  • Scroll overall voice presets to set the one you like to use

3. Google Assistant’s voice on your Android smartphone on the smart display

  • Open Google Home on Google Assistant laced smart display
  • On the top right-hand corner of this display, tap on Profile picture
  • Tap the Assistant Settings tab
  • Under the “All settings” tab, tap on the Assistant Voice option
  • Select the voice preset you like

Interestingly, you may also change your Google Assistant’s voice to sound like a unique celebrity. There is a range of celebrity voice options available currently and the list continues to grow. However, two of the most popular options include John Legend and Issa Rae.

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All you need to say is, “Hey Google, talk like (celeb name),” and the voice assistant gets to address you in the new voice.

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