Apple Denies Rumors Of Merging iOS and OS X

apple ios os x mergeApple has put to rest all rumors regarding the creation of an operating system by combining the iOS and OS X. This concept is based on the idea that Apple would like to merge the best of both worlds–productivity and portability–someday. Nothing like that happened when the 12-inch iPad Pro came into being. Now, Apple chief Tim Cook has denied all the rumors, suggesting there are no plans to merge the two operating systems.

Cook said, “We don’t believe in having one operating system for PC and mobile… these operating systems do different things. We have no intention to blend them.” He was speaking at the Boxworks conference held in San Francisco.

When Box CEO Aaron Levie prodded him further, Cook said both the devices have different functions to perform, different uses and that their adoption rate is also different.

With tablets having taken the place of laptops, many companies are trying to combine desktop computing with mobile operating systems by offering touch-enabled features. However, in doing so, tech giant Microsoft failed miserably with Windows RT. It seems that things are again back in place with Sundar Pichai taking the rein of the company and the Chrome OS and Android working well together.

It is also to be noted that people do not like the idea of running iOS on a big screen. Even the iPad Pro has been lashed for the extra white space on its home screen.

Knowing Apple, we can expect something innovative with their OS. We’re waiting to see what the future of OS on computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles might be.… Read the rest

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No Need To Cramp Wide Shots As Instagram Introduces Portrait And Landscape Format

Instagram has recently made a remarkable alteration by introducing portrait and landscape options along with their existing square. Though enhanced user-friendliness appears to be the main purpose behind the modification, it is actually an effort to stop users from switching to Snapchat or other flexible services.Pinterest and Instagram To Focus On Advertisements And Purchases

Introduction of new layout is a major change that the platform has introduced since its merger with Facebook. This move is also expected to increase app’s popularity significantly among the advertisers. The best part is, both landscape as well as portrait format will be available on iOS as well as Android platforms right from Thursday. Thus, there is no need to cramp the wide shots or cut friends from the groups to get the photo fitted in Instagram, said advertising analyst and social media marketing expert, Debra Aho William.

The recent move by Instagram is also expected to give a significant boost to their revenue earning from the advertisers. Earlier in June, Instagram said that they will allow every advertiser to use their platform rather than limiting it to a few brands. Therefore, if things go as expected, the company has the possibility of generating $600 million from advertisers only. By 2017, the revenue is expected to climb up to a whopping sum of $2.8 billion. … Read the rest

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Apple Users Rejoice! WhatsApp For Web Is Now Compatible With iOS

The introduction of WhatsApp for the web was a welcome move but some users were not happy. WhatsApp on the web did not offer iOS support due to certain limitations set by Apple. However, users of Apple devices can now get WhatsApp for web as it has turned iOS compatible. It will now work with Safari on the Mac.

WhatsApp for web is now compatible with iOSApple users can now access WhatsApp from the Web

To access this new service, users need to update their devices with the latest version of the app. They need to scan the QR code on the desktop using the mobile app to get started.

Once the function is activated, users can access their WhatsApp messages from a laptop, desktop as well as phones. However, those who want to use WhatsApp in a shared PC environment are better keeping their web notifications off. Else, others may get access to their personal data.

In a recent blog post, the company has mentioned the ease of using WhatsApp on web without worrying about the loss of data. The blog post says the web version is just a mirror format of the phone and users need not worry about the loss of message from phone once they check it from a PC.… Read the rest

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iPhone 6s May Come Loaded With Force Touch And New Display Technology

The date September 9, 2015 has been marked since it the day when Apple is hosting and event and is rumored to launch its next iPhone models. Thus, the speculations doing the rounds about the various new features that would be seen in iPhone 6S make sense.

Among the new leaks, the best are the ones that suggest features in details about the Force touch feature, new display technology and stronger metal casing. The most talked about feature is the Force Touch technology whicThe New iPhone 6s is Rumored to have it Allh is supposed to let users pull up menus, access shortcut options and turning on other new functions.

According to another video by MacManiack via 9to5Mac suggests integrated fingerprint sensor, inclusion of Force Touch feature and home button on the display screen. It is believed that the “Touch ID home button is integrated in the LCD and digitiser connector,” as per the video and that the Touch ID and digitizer have two different connectors, one for each.

The idea that iPhone 6S would come with stronger metal casing has been derived from the video by Unbox Therapy that has surfaced recently. In the video, the casings of both the current and rumored iPhone models are seen being compared. While the present one measures 138.09×66.91×1.14mm as per the video, the upcoming one is 138.2×67.16×1.9mm I dimension, which is slightly thicker. This is believed to be Apple’s answer to the ‘bendgate’ controversy.

Well, whatever may be features included in the upcoming Apple smartphones, it would not stay a secret for longer since Apple’s September 9 event is about to happen within a month from now.… Read the rest

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Top 5 Pregnancy Apps To Guide Women Through Their Special Phase

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages in any woman’s life. Yet, at times, it can be nerve wrecking. Though midwives and doctors are always there to lend helping hands to the expecting mother, using some smartphone apps can also come handy.

 Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro

Compatible with both iOS and Android, this app comprises of social network, pregnacyTop 5 pregnancy women to guide women through this special phase tracker and toolkit in a single pack. By using this app,expecting mothers can see a complete daily as well as weekly calender illustrating the growth of the fetus regularly. The kick tracker feature helps in regulating the activity of the baby while the journal records the thoughts, symptoms or mood swings of the mother. Sharing the experiences is also easy with the social network feature. Expecting mothers can also get hold of different photographs, generate baby names or buy different useful products online.


Women looking for pregnancy app compatible with iOS compatibility can opt for iPregnant. This app provides a complete package of information, tools along with journal functions so that expecting mothers can easily track their symptoms as well as growth of the fetus. It also comes with a baby name generator to ease the task of name selection and the community forum feature is also quite impressive. The best part is, the app comes for free.

 WebMD Pregnancy

There is no denying the fact that WebMD has enjoyed the trust of  people for quite long and the WebMD Pregnancy app is compatible with iOS. The app is enriched with information on different topics related to pregnancy, like pregnancy planning, checklists for packing and weekly updates. It also gives idea on what women should ask during medical appointments. Like most of the other app, it also has contraction and kick tracker, pregnancy journal etc.

 Pregnancy ++

Compatible with both iOS and Android, this app offers a gorgeous yet easy to use interface. The app is a complete package of different useful information like appointment logs, weight logs, pregnancy timeline, daily journal, contraction and kick timer as well as packing guide. 

Sprout Pregnancy

Download this app for two weeks trial on any iOS or Android platform and get access to features like appointment tracker, contraction timer, kick tracker and packing list. Though this app does not offer any community forums or online platform to share experiences, this is a good choice for women who needs easy to navigate app with basic features. … Read the rest

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How To Update iPad And iPhone To iOS 9 Beta

Apple released iOS 9 beta today. This automatically gives iPad and iPhone users scope to test the yet-to-be-finished OS. So even if the next iPhone—the iPhone 6S hits marts in September, you can know its operating system well enough.

Apple’s iOS 9 Beta Is HereWhy Apple Released The Beta?

Perhaps this decision from Apple came about as a safeguard against plausible glitches that it has already faced with its iOS 8 goof-ups. The latest iOS 9 is compatible all iDevices that run on iOS 8 at the moment.

Updating To iOS 9

The iOS 9 update comes for free. However, users will need to perform a device-enrol for the beta software public program. Before installing the iOS 9, it is advised that all current iOS data is backed up from the iTunes program instead of banking on iCloud. Follow this up by a profile download from your iPad or iPhone before updating.

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How To Update iPhone, iPad From iOS 8 To iOS 8.4

We finally have official news confirming release of the update iOS 8.4. However, there are diverse ways to get hands on the same. To begin with make sure all your data on iPhone and iPad to iCloud or on a computer. Getting access to the update of the iOS is over the air. Check into Settings and the Select Software Update from under the tab Software Update. You will automatically get a snippet about the changes the same will entail. Check on download and then install tab. Key in the password and accept the terms. Make sure you have ample free device space.

Here’s How To Update Your iOS 8 To iOS  8.4Alternatives For  Updating

 In case there is not ample space, plug your iPhone into your PC. Launch the iTunes app and click Update tab on the phone. Make sure the entire process occurs while the iPhone is plugged into the computer.  In case there are issues with downloading the update, then perform a factory reset function and then update to iOS 8.4.

The Bugs Gone

The iPhone update for the iOS 8 is laced with fixes for bugs that messed up messaging function as well as another that caused frequent crashes on the iPad while using messaging apps.

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Apple Will Let You Delete Apps On iOS 9 To Save Up Software Space

In case you tried to update your iOS 9 to the Beta 2 today, you might have stumbled upon a gem feature on the Beta 1 version.  The latest feature now permits users to delete apps from the operating system, if there is not ample space for newer downloads.

Apple Will Let You Delete Apps On iOS 9 To Save Up Software SpaceThe Inner Scoop

So in case you are scared of scarce space on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 9, simply delete some apps temporarily. Of course, once the update is over, the system automatically restores the deleted app and ensures that all your data stay put.

The Tweaks On iOS 9

The feature is actually a part of few tweaks that iOS 9 will throw our way or at least that is what we gauged from a keynote at WWDC 2015.  Apple will now be able to send out small updates that need less free memory space. Few more features that save space are part of the latest version of the iOS 9 such as App Thinning. This will now allow developers to easily distribute smaller parts of applications to users. This also enables Swift library built-in. 

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Malware Alert! Malicious Manifest Masque, Extension Masque and Plugin Masque Can Steal Information From Apple Users

While Apple fans are enjoying melodious tracks with Apple Music, security firm Fire Eye revealed three dangerous malware has targeted Apple iOS operating system. The three malicious programs “Manifest Masque”, “Exension Masque” and “Plugin Masque” not just affect the apps installed in the phone but also allows can give hackers access to user’s personal information for their own benefit, reports Times of India.

 Malicious Manifest Masque, Extension Masque and Plugin Masque can destroy Apple devicesSafety concerns for Apple users

 According to the reports, users who download apps in their Apple devices from sources other than Apple store are prime target of the “Manifest Masque”. While the “Extension Masque” is reported to target the way in which iPads and iPhones protect different apps from malware. The third malware, “Plugin Masque” affects the way in which the Apple devices coordinate with Virtual Private Network or VPN traffic, which can be a great threat to any user.

 When talking to Business Insider, CTO EMEA of Fire Eye, Greg Day said that the malware detected have the power to tamper and kill  the apps or data stored in the devices. As the malware will offer complete information of user’s personal data like GPS locations, contacts and logs, hackers can use them for their own benefit, if needed. Though this is a great cause of concern for the users, Apple has not yet made any comment regarding this issue. Yet, it has come to the news that versions from 8.1.3 are safe from such threats. 

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