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10 best shopping apps for Black Friday deals 2022

Do you also have all your shopping lists ready, but are confused about how to execute them across different retailers? Don’t know where to avail of maximum discounted products? Who will do all this confusing math and how to track the best Black Friday Deals? 

Hang on, here are the best shopping apps for Black Friday deals, to help you solve all your confusion and bring forth everything strategically prepared at your fingertips. 

So, no worries about missing out on any Black Friday Deals, when you have a list of the 10 best shopping apps for Black Friday deals 2022, ready to help you.

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List of 10 best shopping apps for Black Friday deals 2022

  1. BlackFriday app by Brad’s deals
  2. Black Friday 2022 Ads & Deals
  3. The Coupons App
  4. DealNews
  5. Flipp
  6. Price Cruncher
  7. Rakuten
  8. Santa’s Bag
  9. ShopSavvy
  10. TGI Black Friday

BlackFriday app by Brad’s deals

This app will keep you on top of online couponing. It is among the best shopping apps for Black Friday deals. You stay updated with deep discounts as its tabs stay there, that too among top retailers. You will be able to access mobile unfriendly apps, as they will be itemized into product lists. So, formatting will be easy for your eyes, and still, get to the top of the deals.

Black Friday 2022 Ads & Deals

(for iOS only)

This app allows you to select stores and products you like, and you’ll automatically get the best black Friday deals at your fingertips. It works by storing your choices in the cloud and offers personalized and relevant sales available on the sale.

Its automatic function syncs your history and data across all of your devices (smartphones, computers, tablets), hence your shopping becomes easy. A built-in UPC barcode scanner will be available for free, the same as in stores.

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The Coupons App

Works as a reminder for any deal available from around 100,000 retailers and any stores available around you. Users can set their location and get notified whenever local deals are available and search for deep discounts from any store. 

Another reminder it offers is your coupon expiration, so no chance of missing out on attractive deals. This is why it is on the list of 10 best shopping apps for Black Friday deals 2022.


As the name suggests, DealNews helps you get as well as spread the deal news with your friends or groups. Those users who are coupon lovers, can opt for this online app. You can create a shopping list, and share the deal news with your friends. 

Ultimately, you can move strategically towards your shopping and even shop along with your friends. No wonder why it is one of the best shopping apps for Black Friday deals.


Get all of the Black Friday deals in the digital version. Users have to enter their location and enjoy their coupons attached to local flyers and avail of extra savings. If you wish to shop from major retailers like Target or Walmart then this app is meant for you. No wonder it is making into the list of 10 best shopping apps for Black Friday deals 2022.

Price Cruncher

For Android users

Price crunchers will quickly calculate discounts on Black Friday deals and help you find out the best for yourself. You can easily find the difference between the original price and the sale price. All you have to do is, prepare a shopping list and get your price per product on even bulk purchases. 


Rakuten has scored the most in 2021 Black Friday Deals savings. Users can avail of sales shopping both online as well as store. Newly rebranded rebates are available just with an app and a browser extension. The company offers abundant cash-back deals and allows you to win through promo codes.

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Santa’s Bag

For Apple users

Though it’s not applicable on Christmas, it is no less than a Santa. This app will keep you within your budget and still helps you get the most benefit under your target budget. This is the reason it is on the list of  best shopping apps for Black Friday deals. Not just useful for shopping but suggests gift ideas as well, hence you can fill your Santa’s bag with gifts for the upcoming Christmas. 

Additionally, it’ll assist you in spending money according to the budget you have planned for each individual, that too within the time limit for the big day. Also, it’ll depend on how efficiently you bargain for your desired product.


ShopSavvy is indeed able to help you save money while shopping. In other words, it is a multitasking Black Friday deal tracker, one of the 10 best shopping apps for Black Friday deals 2022.

You can compare the product deals among different retailers and get your hands on the best deal. Users get the price of every product they scan and decide the best deal for themselves. You stay updated with all of the best deals going on around you. 

TGI Black Friday

If you find yourself busy and do not want to search through ads for Black Friday Deals. Then, avail instant notifications on new deals through this app. It enables you to shop for products online through ads and compare their prices by category and store. That’s why it is one of the best shopping apps for Black Friday deals.

Additional Tip: If you are already aware of the products you wish to buy from a particular retailer, then don’t waste your time on other apps. Instead, download their (retailer’s) app, there you will get chances to win coupons, get reviews, and more.


Get ready to get the most out of the above-mentioned best shopping apps for Black Friday deals and save extra this time. Even after you are done shopping, you can scan your receipts on Ibota, Swagbucks, and FetchRewards apps to enjoy cashback and rewards. We hope you are all set with your shopping list and shopping apps. Which shopping app you found useful among 10 best shopping apps for Black Friday deals 2022, tell us in the comments section.

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