Google has definitely changed the definition of Internet world. As the king of online searching, Google has been our saviour since our school days. The constant searching for school projects, college research work, and even for office presentations, this search engine has proven to be the best ‘KNOW IT ALL’.

neeva search engine new

Now, we have new kid on the block. Launched by Former Google Ad Chief Sridhar Ramaswamy, Neeva, just like Google, uses AI and machine learning to create rankings for searches. It is an ads-free search engine that searches for relevant information not only on the web but on personal files like emails and other documents as well. And, unlike Google, it won’t show any ads and neither will collect or profit from user information. It doesn’t ask for any of its users’ personal data.

Why switch to Neeva search engine?

  • Neeva is a more personalised search engine with no ads.
  • The search engine aims to provide tailor-made search experience specifically for the end-user.
  • It is designed to allow users to directly search for personal data stored on services like Dropbox and email accounts. 
  • It ensures absolute data safety.

Neeva’s CEO claims that Neeva will, at any cost, not sell out users’ data in any form. He added that search queries would be stored for more than 90 days “while offering users the option to let the company store it longer if that’s the choice.” Google’s default, on the other hand, is 18 months.

Why Google’s module is a success?

Google way of doing business is very successful, and digital marketers across the globe depend on Google for tremendous amounts of business, both through organic and paid search. Google offers users a plethora of different vertical and general-purpose search options and marketers can regularly see new approaches. Ads make Google Search free for everyone, and is shown on a very small fraction of overall queries.

Neeva Search Engine Launch

Neeva will have to work hard to capture immediate attention with some novel capability or feature that is fundamentally different from Google. It will also have to work towards building a loyal following of technology search influencers who will further promote it by word of mouth.

The ultimate success of Neeva will depend on consumers concerned about their privacy. The search engine will also have to tap in mega corporations who are willing to pay for services that are offered for free by other search providers.

The first official release of Neeva will happen in the US, followed by other regions like Western Europe, Australia, and India. The company is currently is allowing interested participants to join their waitlist via the website.

 What do you think of Neeva search engine? Would you like to give it a shot? Let us know your views in the comments section.