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Why is Apple Watch Series 9 Different from Apple Ultra 2

At the Apple’s Wonderlust event people witnessed the unveiling of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Ultra 2 along with iPhone 15 models. While both the devices have similarities. For instance, both got the custom S9 SiP silicon, with 5.6 billion transistors, and boast carbon-neutral combinations. However, there are various differences as well. In order to make an informed decision, it is better to know why is Apple Watch Series 9 different from Apple Ultra 2.

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Why is Apple Watch Series 9 different from Apple Ultra 2?

Value and pricing

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 costs $ 799 while the Apple Watch Series 9 starts at $ 399. The former is packed in a titanium 49mm case while the latter is housed in a 41mm and 45 mm stainless steel and aluminium case. The difference in the pricing is clearly due to the material. Titanium ought to hold up things better than steel or aluminium.

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The Ultra 2 offers a brighter and larger display when compared with the Watch Series 9. It also has better battery life and is water resistant up to 328 feet. However, the Ultra 2 is available in only one color while the Watch Series 9 is available in various colors. It is water resistant up to 164 feet.


Both watches have the same applications as well as SOS safety measures. The only difference is that the Ultra 2 has the Siren feature.

The four-core Neural Engine process of the new chip for AI machine learning allows for learning three times faster. Several innovations are made possible such as the gesture feature called Double Tap due to the latest chip.

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The Double Tap feature allows people to control the device just by tapping their thumb and index finger together.

Apple Watch Series 9 Different from Apple Ultra 2 1


The Ultra 2 comes with the always-on Retina LTPO OLED 1.9-inch 502×410-pixel display. It can reach up to a peak brightness of 3,000 nits. The Series 9 has a 1.9-inch 430×352-pixel Retina LTPO OLED display. It has a brightness of 2,000 nits.

Battery life and charging

The Watch Series 9 can last up to 18 hours on a single charge and up to 36 hours if used in Low Power Mode. The Ultra 2 can last for a whopping 36 hours and for 72 hours in Low Power Mode as claimed by Apple. Both the devices allow fast wireless charging.

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These are some reasons why is Apple Watch Series 9 different from Apple Ultra 2. Both have their uniqueness. But when it comes to purchasing, it all boils down to the buyers’ preferences and their willingness to spend on their object of desire. Let us know in the comment section below which you would prefer.

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