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Step-By-Step Process on How to Share Screen on WhatsApp Video Call

The ever-evolving WhatsApp is offering a new feature to its users. Now, people can share their screens during video calls. This feature is available for all WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on Android, iOS and Windows Desktop users. If you are wondering how to share a screen on a WhatsApp video call, let us guide you through the entire process.

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How to share screen on WhatsApp video call?

Here is the step-by-step guide to share screen on a WhatsApp video call:

  • Update WhatsApp on both the devices being used
  • Start the video call with the intended person
  • Click on the screen-sharing icon (a phone with an arrow) at the bottom
how to share screen on whatsapp video call 1
  • The phone shall display a notification along with a warning informing you that you are starting to cast or record with WhatsApp and all information on the screen shall be visible to the other user as well
  • Click on the START NOW option to start screen-sharing
how to share screen on whatsapp video call 2
  • Once you are done, opt for the Stop sharing option to end screen sharing
how to share screen on whatsapp video call 3

On the WhatsApp Windows Desktop app, you may see the screen in the images given below:

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how to share screen on whatsapp video call 4
how to share screen on whatsapp video call 5

If a desktop user is sharing a screen and the other user is on an iOS or Android device, they can opt for the landscape orientation. This would let them see the shared content in a better way. However, they should have enabled the auto-rotate option on their phone.

Word of caution

Tread carefully while using the feature as you would not wish to reveal sensitive data to the other person seeing the screen unless you want to.

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Kindly Note

  • Screen-sharing is not possible if the video is turned off as the screen-sharing option would appear to be grey or unusable
  • The screen-sharing button would be invisible for unsupported call types like audio calls

Watch this YouTube video:

If the feature is not available on your device yet even after updating the app, wait a little longer. It should be available to you soon. If you have any more questions regarding how to share screen on WhatsApp video call, hit us up in the comment section. Share this article with others so that they may come to know about the feature and use it as well.

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