WhatsApp Chat History Migration Now Possible?

whatsapp chat history migration

WhatsApp is leaving no stone unturned to keep its users from switching to other private messaging apps. The Facebook-owned messaging app is currently testing the WhatsApp chat history migration feature which is soon expected to be part of WhatsApp’s multi-device functionalities.

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WhatsApp chat history migration feature will enable users to transfer their chat history between Android and iOS devices. This feature will stop third-party applications, claiming to provide assistance in data migration from one device to another, from violating its Terms of Service. The new feature will enable smooth transfer and will not even require a fast internet connection, especially when using WhatsApp Web.

whatsapp chat history migration 1

 As reported by WaBetaInfo, a new chat history migration feature will be rolled out ‘in a future update’. This report also contains a screenshot of WhatsApp for iOS that shows a popup asking to upgrade the app to the latest version to be able to transfer chat history to another device. The report clearly states that this new feature will help users to successfully migrate chat content from Android to iOS.

How will WhatsApp chat history migration work?

To successfully link the device having a different operating system, the first step is to update the app to the latest version available on the App Store to avoid any compatibility error with the Android version.

whatsapp chat history migration 2

The new feature is considered to be a part of a strategic change in the WhatsApp app.  The possibility of using the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices is one of the most requested features by users. To meet the changing demands of the users, the messaging app had been exploring the prospect of using WhatsApp on multiple devices at the same time, and this new feature is surely seen as a part of this effort.

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