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Wait What! Microsoft to Stop Manufacturing Mice, Keyboards, and Webcams

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Microsoft has decided to stop manufacturing keyboards, webcams, and mice under the Microsoft brand. Instead, the company intends to make computer accessories like pens, keyboards, mice, etc. under the Surface brand.

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Company speaks

The Verge reported that this move shall end the legacy of PC hardware under the Microsoft brand launched in 1983 that came bundled with Notepad and Word. The senior communications manager at Microsoft, Dan Laycock said, “Going forward, we are focusing on our Windows PC accessories portfolio under the Surface brand.” 

He added, “We will continue to offer a range of Surface-branded PC Accessories — including mice, keyboards, pens, docks, adaptive accessories, and more. Existing Microsoft branded PC accessories like mice, keyboards, and webcams will continue to be sold in existing markets at existing sell-in prices while supplies last.”

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The report also stated that the Surface-branded accessories shall include many nicer mice and keyboards but would be pricier than Microsoft-branded hardware alternatives. However, there is no news on whether or not Microsoft would launch a more budget-friendly option or be focused entirely on the premium range Surface.

Profit and loss

Microsoft reported a 7% increase in net income at $ 18.3 billion with $ 52.9 billion in sales. It increased at a rate of 9% year-on-year basis in its 1st quarter of 2023. Even Microsoft Cloud reported an increase of 22% year-over-year with a revenue of $ 28.5 billion. OpenAI’s ChatGPT which is backed by Microsoft has also taken the world by storm with its competencies to change several industries.

However, the sales decreased by 9% in the ‘More Personal Computing’ sector with $ 13.3 billion in revenue. The Windows OEM revenue also decreased by 28%.

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