There has been a lot of discussion on the need and efficacy of Dark Mode. While many believe it helps in reducing eye strain in low light environments, others simply consider it a simple toggle that enables mobile users to change the background colour of an app window to black. But one thing is for sure, Dark Mode is here to stay. In this article, we have discussed the importance of Dark Mode, its advantages, and how to turn Dark Mode for iPhone.

Dark mode maintains the minimum colour contrast ratios required for optimum use at night and ensures strain-free readability at night. It is also believed to assist in a good night’s sleep, especially for those who love to use their mobiles right before bed.

All iOS users can set automatic Dark Mode turns itself on between sunset and sunrise, following local time zone, or can even set a custom schedule. All Apple-compatible apps will automatically adopt the same mode.

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Advantages of Dark Mode for iPhone

  • Dark mode for iPhone enhances visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain.
  • The mobile screen, in dark mode, adjusts as per current light conditions, thus ensuring uninterrupted use at night or even in dark environments.
  • Less blue light is emitted when the mobile phone is in dark mode.
  • It can also prolong the battery life of your smartphone.
  • When in Dark Mode, it provides great opportunities for presenting graphic content such as graphs, pictures, and dashboards, 

How to activate Dark Mode for iPhones

  • Go to settings > display & brightness
  • Select dark to turn on dark mode

dark setting

Those who have iOS 13 can even turn on dark mode from the control centre. To do so, open the control centre, now touch and hold the brightness control. Once here, tap dark mode on or dark mode off. 

To turn on dark mode automatically at sunset or at a specific time:

  • Go to settings > display & brightness 
  • Select Automatic. 
  • Tap options to set a schedule for dark mode.

iphone dark

Just remember, not everything about dark backgrounds is good. For instance, using device in Dark Mode in a well-lit room causes more strain, thus making it almost impossible to use the phone. Thus, one should only put devices in Dark Mode in low-light areas or at night.

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