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Top Ways That Answer “How to Collaborate On Facebook?”

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Facebook is one platform that is either hated or loved but never ignored. Cliché while this may sound, Facebook sure keeps changing so much around its algorithms that collaborators or advertisement users often get left in a lurch. It didn’t shy twice from changing its name either! Take a look at few easy ways that help answer the popular question- “how to collaborate on Facebook?”

Join Facebook Groups

It is easy to be part of Facebook groups. Depending on who and what domain you are seeking collaborations with, you can pick as group from the newsfeed page’s left sidebar! Click on Groups and take your pick.

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Based on your demographic and friends’ preferences, you can also browse groups that get displayed on your page. You can also start a group and invite collaborations! In order to find interesting joiners you need to be available and interactive on the group.

Try The Brand Collabs Manager

This product from Facebook marketplace aids to connect users with brands, sponsors, advertisers, or marketers. With this collab tool, you search for the answer to how to collaborate on Facebook comes to an end!

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Use brand collabs manager for-

  1. Defining the audiences you want to reach
  2. Finding influencers or creators with similar audiences
  3. Making creator lists that are customized
  4. Creating project based briefs plus set up criteria for any creators who want to apply
collaborate on facebook 2

If you are keen on starting with Brand Collabs Manage, sign up as a brand.  

  • Simply click the link, key in your email ID and accept the terms and conditions.
  • If the Facebook page stands eligible, you can automatically add the page to the Brands Collab Manager.
  • Click on “View in Brand Collabs Manager” tab for entering the homepage.

Find Influencers With Brand Collabs Manager

There are few ways to find influencers using Brand Collabs Manager as listed below-

1. Using the dedicated section as per Homepage for Brand Collabs Manager

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2. Using “See similar creators” tab when viewing influencer profiles

3. Using “Search” to look up influencers in your criteria

Contact influencers you find relevant and context them for collabs. Of course do some groundwork before hand. This is perhaps the easiest way to answer how to collaborate on Facebook?

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
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