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Here is How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages

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Have you accidentally deleted a message? Was it from someone significant to you? And now you are wondering how to recover deleted Instagram messages. The answer to all of your questions is MAYBE. Yeah, there is no definite answer to whether you can retrieve the messages or not. It depends on Instagram Server. If it has stored your notes, then you can recover them. If not, then it isn’t very easy.

By requesting Instagram for Information Download, you can quickly recover deleted messages from Instagram. Whenever you intentionally or unintentionally delete a message, it remains on Instagram’s server. That’s why there is a possibility that you can retrieve deleted messages from Instagram.

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Two Methods to recover deleted Instagram messages

There are two ways to retrieve deleted messages from Instagram. One way is to use Instagram data, and another is to use third-party apps.

How to recover deleted Instagram messages using the Instagram server

Shortcut method

  • Open the browser and log into your Instagram account.
  • Go to your profile icon > choose Privacy and security settings.
  • Scroll down > tap on ‘Data Download’ > choose ‘Request Download’
  • Complete your details and tap on ‘confirm.’
  • Wait for upto 48hrs (you should get your messages file within 48hrs. If you don’t, then you have to send the request again)
  • Tap on the Download link to download deleted messages
  • Open the downloaded file > And here it is, your deleted messages from Instagram.

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How to recover deleted Instagram messages using instsgram.com

Note: This method is applicable only using the browser, not on the Instagram app

  • Open instagram.com on your browser
  • Log in to your Instagram account.
  • Go to your profile > Tap on it.
  • Now tap on the ‘Edit Profile.
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  • Scroll down and choose ‘Privacy and Security
how to recover deleted instagram messages 3
  • Scroll down again and tap on ‘Request Download.’
  • Find the link just below the ‘Data Download’ heading.
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  • Tap ‘Next’ and confirm the email address, and filled the information
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  • Choose HTML to view your data. (It will not import the data for any other use)
  • Now enter the password, then click on ‘Request Download.’
  • You will receive a link in your email (it can take as much as 48hrs or anywhere more minor than that. More than 48hrs means you have to send the request again)
  • If you got the email,> tap on it > tap on ‘Download Information’ (this link will be available for up to 2 weeks, do not delay more than two weeks. Otherwise, you’ll have to request a new link)
  • You will be redirected to Instagram > log in again for authentication.
  • Now click ‘Download Information’
  • Find the messages folder in your files > open it, and here are your retrieved Instagram messages.

Note: Here comes the MAYBE. The information you downloaded may or may not contain the messages you are looking for. It depends on Instagram’s server, what information it stores, and what not.

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How to recover deleted Instagram messages using third-party apps

If the methods mentioned above do not work for you, then you can try third-party apps. This option is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Mechanism of third-party party apps to retrieve deleted Instagram messages

These apps retrieve cache files from your device. As a result, you get not just deleted messages but all texts or Data you want from your device.

As these apps come with simple and easy-to-understand instructions, You won’t find any difficulty handling them.

For iPhone users

The ‘U.Fone’ app is a well-known app among iPhone users. Not just on your iPhone, this app is helpful on Mac and Windows PC as well.

iPhone users can use this app to retrieve deleted messages on Instagram. Other than DMs, you can recover photos, WhatsApp data, videos, contacts, call history, and audio files.

For Android users

Android users can use ‘Fonelab’ software. This app makes it easy to recover your deleted data. This data includes everything from messages, videos, photos, audio files, and WhatsApp data to contacts.

The app includes step-by-step instructions for users. That’s why you do not need professional guidance to handle this software. Even iOS users can use this software for their data recovery and backup.

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All the methods mentioned above can help you recover deleted Instagram messages. But we would suggest you do not prefer third-party apps. First, try using the usual techniques, i.e., by requesting data information; if you cannot recover your data in that way, then only you should go for third-party apps. Also, if you like to keep their messages backed up, you should regularly download your data so that even if you lose messages, you’ll have everything in your backup.

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