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Top 8 Eye Health Apps That You Can Download

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Unfortunately the digital world has become an inseparable part of our life. Our work, our entertainment, everything is dependent on digital gadgets. However we cannot change this fact but we can use the same technology to preserve our eye health. Here are eye health apps the selective top 8 eye health apps you can use to preserve your eye health.

Awareness eye health app

Works on: Windows and Mac

If you are someone who wants something soothing to help you make minor breaks in between your work then this app is for you. Following are the steps how it helps to maintain your health

  • It ensures, you take periodic breaks in between your work
  • You can choose to the time period of working hours
  • Then set the time of short breaks in between your work
  • It will keep check on the working time of your browser
  • Whenever your working time is over and break time begins, it will start giving an alarm.
  • Alarm will be a soothing sound, so no irritation from the alarm.
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F.lux eye health app

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Works on: Windows, Mac, iPhone and Linus

If you want to regulate your screen on a mechanical level, and not just on the basis of time limits then this app is for you. Here is the procedure how it helps to maintain your eye health

  • Once you installed the app it will monitor your screen brightness and tint
  • F.lux automatically keeps adjusting the brightness and tint of your screen on the basis of time of the day.
  • When it is finally time to sleep then it will lower the brightness and tint
  • During night time in the absence of bright light you will automatically start feeling sleepy
  • And hence you will have less screen at the wrong time of the day.


Works on: Sfari, Firefox, Chrome

Rather than working on your system it works on your browser to help you decrease the screen time. If you are someone whose screen time is increased due to heavy browser usage then this app is for you.

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This is how it helps to maintain your eye health

  • This is a little rigid app in terms of the discipline
  • It has various plans for breaks in between the work. You can even customise them according your schedule
  • The most commonly used plan is 20-20-20.
  • After 20 minutes it starts alarming with a beep.
  • If you do not stop working, screen will go off for a certain period of time
  • And screen will no go out if you cancel the break option
  • Other than this, it gives small tips to keep your eyes healthy (like eye exercises).

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Works on: Android only

This is another app which operates on the basis of circadian rhythm and your mobile screen brightness and tint ration. But this one is for android users. Here is how it helps to maintain eye health

  • Once you install the app, and adjust your day and night timings
  • Twilight will keep regulating the brightness and tint on the basis of circadian rhythm
  • And hence automatically you will feel sleepy when it Is time to sleep.

Time Out

Works on: Mac

If you are a Mac user and cannot decide a work-break plan for themselves then this app is for you. It has set work-break plans from which you can choose for yourself and keep changing the plan if it doesn’t suit you. Here is how it works

Time Out
  • There are macro as well as micro breaks. Macro breaks are usually after 50 minutes (u can customise also)
  • Micro breaks usually are of 10 seconds after every 10 minutes (you can customise also)
  • Micro breaks you can use to remind yourself for continuous body movements
  • During the break your screen fades away and when the break is over your screen comes back.


Works on: Chrome app

This app is specially meant for chrome browser. Again if your most work is related to chrome browser. Then you can use this app. Here is how it works

  • Once you install the app, it will be connected to your browser
  • It follows 20-20-20 plan for work-break balance (you can customise your plan as well)
  • After 20 minutes app will remind you to take a break
  • App also reminds you for eye exercises


Works on: Mac

This is a useful app for Mac users. Nocturne uses a mechanical approach to balance your screen so that it works best for your eyes. This is how it works

  • It adjusts the screen light and shadows using monochrome scheme
  • You will see an old fashioned screen display, which automatically is boring and not engaging
  • That is how you will not stick to the screen for a longer period of time.

Eye Pro

Works On: Windows

Eye Pro works on the eye moisturizing mechanism. Developers have chosen to use the fact that natural eye moisturisation is necessary to keep eyes healthy while on the computer. Here is how it works

Eye Pro
  • There specific long short breaks planned on the app (which you can skip if you want)
  • After a certain time period, app will remind you to exercise and blink your eyes (so that your eyes get natural moisture)
  • Other than this it also keeps giving tips for eye health.


Among all these changing lifestyles we need to protect our health as well. Eye health is one of them. All of the above-mentioned eye health apps can help you in different ways. Choose your app according to the device and your habits.

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