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Future App- Your Personal Trainer at $149/Month

Staying fit and healthy is everyone’s topmost priority nowadays. But not everyone can have a fixed schedule for workouts and go to the gym.  This is why the ‘Future’ app was launched.

Whether you want to build your cardio endurance, improve strength training performance, or just want to start with your fitness journey, Future is that one app which can help you achieve your goal. It is an iOS app that connects with the Apple watch to enable users to work virtually with a personal trainer. With this app, people don’t have to spend much on an in-person trainer.  

How does the ‘Future’ app work?

Further, you can choose what characteristics you want your coach to have, including his energy level, gender, and intensity. As per your preferences, the app will provide you with a list of a few personal trainers. You can also browse the full trainer list and choose the one for yourself. The trainer will then help you to set a workout routine for you and help you achieve your fitness goal.

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You just have to download the ‘Future’ app from the apps store. Once done, you will be asked to fill in some information about yourself. The information that needs to fill will have some basic questions like your age, weight, gender, etc. It will also ask you to provide information about the past injury if you have any.

Almost all the trainers are experienced and have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Exercise Science and extensive experience working with collegiate and professional athletes.

Interestingly, to know your trainer personally, you’ll have a facetime call with him. During the facetime, you can discuss your fitness goals and everything else you want to achieve. The trainer will then create a custom workout plan for you which the Future app will deliver every week to your device. Also, the trainer can monitor your calorie expenditure and heart rate as the app syncs with the Apple watch.

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NOTE: You need to have an Apple watch to use the Future app.

The Future app sounds perfect! Isn’t it?

But not to forget, everything has its pros and cons. Similarly, even the Future has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us first take a look at the pros of the Future app.

How Future app is beneficial?

For someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot on personal trainers and the gym, the Future is the best app. It is one of the perfect fitness apps for beginners and intermediate home fitness enthusiasts.

The best part about the app is it doesn’t have any fixed schedule, one can open the app and follow the workout routine at any time. So, the app is the right pick for the ones who are not sure about their schedule and cannot have a fixed time to work out.

The monthly subscription of the app cost you around $149 which is not much. As a women’s health magazine, a one-hour session with a trainer cost between $50 to $500, which depends on the experience of the trainer. This means if you schedule your workout with a trainer twice a week, it will cost you around $600 which is a lot.

Along with offering workout plans at cheaper rates, the Future app also offers video demonstrations with instructions on completing the exercise in good form.

One can also record his/her video while exercising and send it to the trainer for feedback and make sure you are not doing any sort of wrong reps and exercise.

Cons of Future app

For people who prefer in-person trainers while learning and doing new exercises or who are not very familiar with basic exercise techniques, Future may not be the right choice. Unlike in-person sessions, where your trainers correct your positions in real-time, a Future trainer cannot correct you and can only give you feedback.

Another con of using the Future app is that there are times when you need motivation or a push to keep doing your workout, in those times you have to motivate yourself as these trainers cannot do this for you.

The Future may be cheap to some people but the others may find it a bit expensive. Also, the app has even got some negative reviews where people have stated that the workout routine they received is not appropriate and seems less customized.

Most importantly, the app is only available for iOS users and not for Android users. This is one of the biggest turns off for Android users.


As for now, the app is only available for iOS users but the company is working on Android compatibility in the Future. There is no fixed day and date given on when the app will be available for Android users, but the users can expect the launch of the app soon.

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