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We’ve Got Tips! How to Get Unlimited Lives on Candy Crush

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If you have always been an avid gamer, then Candy Crush could be one of your faves. A classic pick, yet Candy Crush comes with one major problem. That of limited lives. Little wonder, players are always in the lookout for that one hack that could give them scope to get unlimited lives on Candy Crush.

Knowing how to get unlimited lives on Candy Crush is especially important if you want to avoid paid app purchases. Moreover, getting hands on additional lives will let you get over the mentioned time limit. Take a look at how to get unlimited lives on Candy Crush on iPhone, IPad or even Android. In case you use Facebook on desktop, you will be eligible to gain one free Candy Crush life.

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Getting Candy Crush unlimited lives on Phone or Tablet

  • Use all the remaining loves in the game. Play through the levels and you will exhaust all your lives. When you are mid game, you can check your lives’ counter too. This is displayed next to a heart icon at the screen top.
  • Close the Candy Crush Saga app. Once you run out of the lives completely, shut down the app. If using an iPhone or an iPad, swipe upwards slowly from the screen bottom. On any Android device, tap the square shaped icon.
    You might also tap the overlapping square style physical button. On any Samsung device, tap the three lines. These steps help display all suspended mode apps. Swipe on to the right till you get to see the image of where you exited from Candy Crush Saga.
  • Swipe up the image on Candy Crush Saga. This disappears quickly to indicate the closure of the app.
  • Set time forward on the phone. This way you get to trick Candy Crush Saga that the time is far ahead.
  • This gives you access to new lives. Use these steps to set time forward by say, three hours, to be on the safer side.
  • On iOS, access the Settings app. Then select General. Next, tap on Date & Time. Click “Set Automatically” and toggle switch OFF. Next tap on time. Swipe up on the hour for setting it ahead by three hours.
  • On Android, click Settings on Home screen.
  • You may also press Menu button and then, select Settings. Check on the magnifying glass icon and then type “Date & Time” on search bar. Click “Automatic date & time” and then, toggle switch to OFF. Click on Set Time.
    Set the time by three hours and click on Done.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes, before you re-launch Candy Crush Saga app.
  • Restart the Candy Crush Saga. Tap Candy Crush Icon on the home screen.
  • Wait some time more before you play.
  • You must check to see if the extra lives are already added.
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How to get unlimited lives on Candy Crush-Final steps

  • Change time back. Access the Settings menu and then tap toggle switch that you see beside “Automatic Time.” The time gets set back to the right hour.
  • Play Candy Crush Saga again. The new lives will be replenished but you may play again. Once you run out of lives, follow the above steps again.

How to get unlimited lives on Candy Crush on a Computer?

  • Play till you just have a single life left.
  • You will not get any unlimited lives in Facebook version, since a central server controls the running.
  • Open up a new tab. When left with your last life, open Candy Crush in a different tab on the browser.
  • Logon to Facebook and then tap “Candy Crush Saga” on left the sidebar. Wait.
  • Play a game on the first tab. Once you lose the last life, close that tab before you see match over. Now open up Candy Crush Saga on Facebook on a new window. 

With these tricks at hand, you must have got answers to the question how to get unlimited lives on Candy Crush.

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