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Microsoft Unveils “Mobile Network Protection” Feature for Microsoft Defender

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Recently, Microsoft unveiled a latest “Mobile Network Protection” feature in Defender for Endpoint (MDE). The feature will help organizations by extending the threat detection capabilities for Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

Users first need to enable Mobile Network Protection feature for Microsoft Defender on the Android or iOS device they want to monitor. Once that is done, the enterprise endpoint security platform will offer protection to the user if it detects rogue certificates or rouges Wi-Fi-related threats. Along with this, MDE will alert users in case of any unsecured or suspicious network and push notifications.

Benefits of MDE

  • MDE will send notifications whenever it will detect Wi-Fi-related threats
  • It will provide protection against rouge Wi-Fi-related threats and rouge hardware such as pineapple devices
  • The users will get an in-app guided experience for connecting to secure networks
  • With MDE, users will also get remediation options for changing networks in case of any unsecured or suspicious network
Mobile Network Protection Feature for Microsoft Defender 1

For iOS devices, MDE will require onboarding permissions for notification and storage. And as far as Android devices are concerned, the users will have to grant location permissions if they want MDE to monitor and notify them regarding any network threats.

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Microsoft said that networks are getting much more sophisticated, increasing the chance of criminal activities if ignored. So, to overcome this, the company is offering this mobile network feature in Defender for Endpoint.

 Also, it has warned that MDE is only going to provide limited protection against network threats. And if the users refuse to grant location permissions to the platform, it can only protect users from bogus certificates.

This feature is introduced to safeguard hybrid workplaces from all sorts of cyberattacks. Threats can creep in through the Wi-Fi networks and this feature will protect those networks from malicious attacks.

Even last month i.e., in June 2022, Microsoft confirmed that whosoever has a subscription to Microsoft 365 will also get access to Microsoft Defender.

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