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Beware Before Zomato! They Might Be Over-Charging You

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Zomato is among those food delivery apps which have been a money and time saver for most of us. And it gets even better when we get discount coupons for our orders.  With these coupons, we get discounts on the order placed and we feel extremely happy by seeing our savings on that particular order.

But wait! Have you ever tried comparing the Zomato order bill with the offline bill of that same restaurant you ordered food from? I am sure no one does.

Beware Before Zomato1

However, LinkedIn user Rahul Kabra has left netizens astounded with the post he shared about Zomato.

Kabra took it to LinkedIn for sharing two different images, one image is of a Zomato order bill and the other one is an offline bill of a similar order. Both of these bills had a conspicuous difference in the total amount of the order. As per the images shared, the orders were from a restaurant in Mumbai called “The Momo Factory.”

Where Kabra paid INR 512. For an offline order and INR 690 for a Zomato order. Do note, that the amount he paid through Zomato was after applying the discount coupon for INR 75.


Sharing the post on Twitter he said, that this proves Zomato wants to make more money on each order than the food service provider. Further, he compared both the bills and observed:

Cost escalation 34.76% per order at INR 178 = (690-512)/ 512

As of now, this post has over 10k plus reactions, 1300 plus comments, and around 220 shares. Several people shared their opinion on his post and even Zomato responded to him. This is what Zomato has to say:

Also, few people supported Rahul Kabra but they even justified why there was a huge difference in the bill.

So, what do you think of Zomato or other food delivery apps? Are you okay with paying a little extra for your convenience or would you rather go for the offline option?

Do share your opinion in the comment section below.

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