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The Message Yourself feature by WhatsApp being Rolled Out in Phases is Appreciated

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The ‘Message Yourself’ feature by WhatsApp would allow the users to message themselves. According to TechCrunch, the feature is being rolled out and soon be available to both iOS and Android users.

About the new feature

The new feature would let users send files, text, images, etc. to themselves. This would come in handy to make quick notes or save important files in the chat. Once the feature is available and enabled on your device, you will see a contact card named after you followed by ‘You’ at the top of the contact list.

How to use this feature?

Using this feature is simple. You just need to tap on the name to open the chat and send messages to yourself. If you are using some other apps and need to send videos, images, or any other media files to yourself, you can do it securely.

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How to enable the ‘Message Yourself’ feature?

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The users need to update their WhatsApp application to the latest version from the App Store or Google Play Store. Then they need to open the app, click on the chat icon down below, and accordingly should be able to see the contact card. They need to click on the same to send messages to themselves.

Watch this YouTube video:

Users’ reactions

Many people showed their appreciation for this feature and enthusiasm to use it. Dipti Malhotra tweeted, “I love this message-yourself feature on WhatsApp. I keep leaving reminders and motivational messages for myself all day.” 

Naman Sharma tweeted, “Now, you can message yourself on Whatsapp. No need to create a group and kick people out of it. @WhatsApp,” 

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Another new feature

WhatsApp has recently rolled out another feature that lets people create polls in personal and group chats.

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