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Learn about Six Interesting WhatsApp Safety feature

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Being one of the most popular messaging platforms has its perils. WhatsApp makes keeping in touch with people much easier and it is a great medium to share and receive knowledge and information. But there is a dark side to this as well not that it is WhatsApp’s fault but people tend to take undue advantage to accomplish various things. The Meta-owned platform is trying to control everything that goes wrong once in a while with WhatsApp safety feature.

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Six important WhatsApp safety feature for the benefit of all

1. Group privacy settings

Earlier anybody with your phone number could add you to their group. However, the scenario has changed now. You have three options to choose from to determine who can add you to their group.

The options are everyone on Whatsapp, only people in your contacts, or a selected number of people in your contact list. Thus, you have the choice now to decide who can add you as opposed to previous settings when any random person on WhatsApp could add you. People who are not able to add you to their group could send you a personal message with their group’s link should you like to join.

2. Forward limits

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WhatsApp users can now send highly-forwarded messages to only one person at a time. This step has reduced the forwarding of such content to 70%. The same limit has been applied to messages with the forwarded label for sending such content to WhatsApp groups.

Thus, a highly-forwarded message can be sent to only one group at a time. Do not forward a message if you are not sure of the source or if you think the content to be wrong or triggering.

3. Leave group silently

The new feature allows users to leave a group quietly. Previously when anybody left a group, the entire group was notified. More often than not, it prompted other people in the group to take note of your number and then contact you personally. Now, if you leave a group, only the admin would be notified of the same.

4. Block and report

This is one of the best features of WhatsApp. If anybody sends you unwarranted or unwelcomed messages, you can not only block but report them as well.

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You can also keep the reported messages on your phone if you want to share them with law enforcement officials or fact-checkers.

5. Admin control

By default, group members can send messages in the group or change group information like the description, icon, or subject. However, now some settings allow administrators to decide who can or cannot send messages in the group.

6. Fact-Checking on WhatsApp

There are 10 independent fact-checking organizations on WhatsApp in India. They help to identify, review and verify information that people come across and aid in preventing the spread of misinformation on WhatsApp.

Additionally, WhatsApp users can verify any information or message by sending the same to the Paynter Institute’s IFCN WhatsApp chatbot. WhatsApp encourages its users to verify any fake-looking or suspicious news and make an informed decision about whether or not to forward it.

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You do not have to worry about using WhatsApp anymore. The six WhatsApp safety feature mentioned in this article, some of which can let you make changes in settings, should make you comfortable to use this awesome messaging platform.

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