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How to Create WhatsApp poll for iOS and Android Devices?

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WhatsApp never ceases to amaze people. It comes with interesting features not only to keep users entertained but also to help users to get things done. WhatsApp introduced a poll feature so that users can ask for votes. If you want to create a poll to know about other people’s opinions on certain things, it is quite easy to do it. Just learn how to create WhatsApp poll through this article and create unlimited polls.

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How to create WhatsApp poll for both Android and iOS users?

Here is the step by step guide:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Open the group or individual chat where you want to create the poll
  • Tap the plus option next to the text box for iOS devices or the paper clip icon next to the text box for Android devices
create wahtsapp poll 1
create wahtsapp poll 2
  • Click on Poll
  • Type the questions you want answers for
  • Type the choices for response as well in the Options boxes

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  • To change the placement of any option, hold the three bars icon on the right
  • Drag the option to where you want it positioned
  • Release your finger once you are happy with the location
  • Once done, click on Send
  • In the chat box, the poll would be visible
  • Choose to respond by tapping on a suitable option according to you
  • You may vote for more than one option
  • To see the responses, click on View Votes at the bottom middle

Watch this YouTube video:

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Do not worry if the feature is not available on your device yet as WhatsApp is rolling it out in phases. Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, etc. has similar feature since years. Now its WhatsApp’s time to bring about an important change. If you need any further guidance on how to create WhatsApp poll let us know in the comment section below.

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