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Easy way to understand How to Download PTRC Challan

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As a professional, you must be aware that in India, whoever is practising a professional job (including lawyers, doctors, and self-employed) all get Professional Tax Registration Certificate or PTRC. Under this certificate, every state government levies a professional tax on every professional or business practitioner.

If you are also a professional who may have started to practice and earn income out of that, you must be wondering How to Download PTRC Challan. So further, that collected tax can be used by the state government to develop the state.

Note: There are different tax amounts in different states, so it depends on the state government how much tax their professionals will pay. 

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Steps to know How to Download PTRC Challan

The professional tax payment process is usually awful for any person, but no matter what, you must make sure you make everything correctly and submit your payment before the due date. This awful process is explained clearly in the article below.

We have an example of PTRC Challan for Maharashtra; tax will differ for different states, but the process remains the same. So you can follow further instructions and be safe from any legal issues or penalties because every instruction complies with the tax laws.

Follow the following steps to understand How to Download PTRC Challan:

Step 1: Visit your state government website

In this case, we are visiting the Maharashtra Government website. Visit your respective state government website. For Maharashtra, it is Once you reach your government website, go to the navigation bar > then tap ‘e-services’.

Step 2: tap on the ‘Profession Tax’ tab

After you hit the e-services, there will be a list of options. Among them, choose the ‘Profession Tax’ tab.

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Step 3: Choose the ‘e-payment’ option

Once the previous step is over, you will reach a new page; there again will be various options, and you will choose ‘e-payment’ from the list.

Step 4: choose the type of payment

Further, you will see multiple options for the type of payment you wish to proceed with; now, you have to choose the ‘PTRC’ option, among others.

Step 5: Enter the necessary details

Once you choose PTRC, you will reach another page with boxes to enter some details. These details are the ‘TAN’ and the ‘PAN’ numbers. Once done, go to the drop-down menu and choose ‘Assessment Year’.

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Step 6: Fill in the captcha code

Once all details are done, you will see a captcha code; fill it correctly so that security measures can ensure that you are a human, not a robot.

Step 7: Hit the ‘Submit’ button

Once done with the details part, hit the ‘Submit’ button and proceed to the next step.

Step 8: Download the PTRC challan

Once the above step is done, you will reach another age where there will be a PTRC challan, and you will have to download it and take a printout.

Step 9: Finally, make the payment

Once the PTRC challan is in your hand, please complete it and go to any authorized bank to make your tax payment before the due date. So that you don’t get any penalties. And that’s How to Download PTRC Challan.


It’s better to pay your tax before the due date so you don’t have to pay a penalty. Professional taxes are a contribution you indirectly contribute to developing your state, so do not hesitate and understand How to Download PTRC Challan.

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  1. Are income tax and professional tax the same?

No, income tax and professional tax are different. Income tax is paid to the central government, and professional tax is paid to the state government. Income tax rates are the same throughout the country, while professional tax rates differ in each state as the state government decides them.

  1. Is it possible to make a payment without using PTRC challan?

No, it is impossible; you must download the PTRC challan first and then go to the bank to get your tax cleared.

  1. Who is exempted from professional tax in Maharashtra?

Every professional except women who earn up to Rs. 1000 per month must pay professional tax in Maharashtra. Those women do not even need to register for the PTRC challan.

  1. What if I miss the due date for my tax payment?

If you miss the due date, you will be liable to pay a penalty, which will add to your tax amount. Same as tax rates, penalty rates also differ for different states. So, it will depend on your state government how much penalty you will have to pay.


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