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Tested Gmail Alternatives You’ll Fall in Love With

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Gmail has over a 100 million users around the globe. For most of us, it is our primary email address. We use it for work, online shopping, and we have it out open on every social media platform. Now, the question is it really safe to have confidential information and documents shared over Gmail? If not, are there any good Gmail alternatives??

With privacy concern being the top most priority for users, it is believed that Google scans each message sent and received through Gmail. This provides Adwords advertisers a chance to target their audience better by displaying relevant ads, which can get annoying at times. So, if you are looking for good Gmail alternatives, these are worth a shot.



Outlook.com, earlier known as Hotmail, is one of the favourite amongst users as it offers Microsoft Office web apps and OneDrive. If you are a Microsoft fan, you are going to love it.  With Outlook, you can easily import emails from Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, and Windows Mail. The best part, you can also use Outlook.com to send or receive emails from your other email addresses with Pop access.

We suggest you to try this Gmail alternative as the offerings have virtually unlimited storage space which automatically expands when needed.

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Tutanota is quite similar to ProtonMail in its offerings. It is the best Gmail alternative for premium users who value security and privacy. Tutanota not only offers 2-factor authentication but goes a step further by integrating with universal 2FA (U2F). this means that all account holders can use any type of security key, including the popular Yubikey authenticators.

Tutanota also runs a “freemium” model, which means they offer both a limited free version as well as a paid premium version.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail

What is better than an email client providing 100GB storage space? Of course, 1TB storage space! Yahoo brings you a gigantic 1TB storage space with each email account registered on Yahoo.com. Yahoo Mails stationery experienced a rise after the introduction of Paperless Post, which lets you send personalized beautiful emails to loved ones.

AOL Mail

AOL Mail

AOL Mail is another tested Gmail alternative that has been quite popular in the email service industry back in time. AOL team has always paved way for improvements and  continues to add new features that keep this email client updated with the competition standards. It provides users with  unlimited storage capacity, and has a maximum attachment limit of 25 MB.

AOL allows all its users to add additional email addresses from other providers. This allpows users to have one-stop provider for easier access to all the emails. Not only this, AOL provides various domains to choose from, including:




@ygm(dot)com, and more.

It has several other interesting features, including integration to AIM (AOL instant messenger), Folder Categories, SMS to mobile phones, Personalisations, To-Do list, Events, and more. 



This one is surely a premium Gmail alternative. It shares similarities with Gmail in many aspects and is a great alternative for those who are quite used to using Gmail. 

This non-US Gmail alternative offers discussion threads, amazing search capabilities, self-learning organization tabs, multiple inboxes, and much more. 

Cloud Mail

Cloud Mail

Apple’s iCloud is surely a masterwork that connects the entire services within all Apple devices. iCloud mail is one of the many features which is an email client working on Apple ID. With a file upload limit of 20MB, the iCloud email client is one of the most secure and appealing Gmail alternatives.

Have you tried any other Gmail alternative? Which one is your favourite on the list? Let us know your preferred choice in the comments section.

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