EA Access a reality at 4.99$/month; more discounts in the offering!

EA Access at $4.99 a monthFollowing up on the EA story, it is imperative to mention that EA Access is bound to shake the gaming world with its low-price offers which is offering the services of four games in one go.

Players will be able to access four games including FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggie 2 and Battlefield 4 at a price of $4.99 a month of $29.99 a year. This feature is available exclusively for Xbox One users.

What’s more, it has been informed via EA Access Twitter account that EA Access pass holders can access Madden NFL 15 six hours before its official launch. Well, the six-hour window is not a great offering but nonetheless advantage for many. EA Access has been launched into beta version offering a limited number of players the added advantage of playing these four games at a best price.

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EA has got into bad books of many gamers through its dismal performance and bugs issues in the Battlefield 4 version. It has a great opportunity to rebuild its image and it is not leaving any stones unturned offering trial access to EA Access gamers for future titles like Dragon Age: Inquisition (five days prior to official launch). They are also offering a 10% rebate on digital EA goods purchased on Xbox one.

For now, the beta is limited to some users but it would be opened for all in times to come. 

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Shut Up Already: Twitter Rolling Out New ‘Mute’ Feature

Feeling annoyed from a disturbing tweet of your colleague? Need not any more. Twitter is reportedly coming up with a mute feature, applicable on its iOS and Android apps.twitter new look

The mute feature will serve multiple purposes. All the tweets and re tweets of the person whom you wish to ignore will be hidden from your timeline. Secondly, the person whose tweets you have hidden will not feel let down as they will never know that it is you, who has done it. This is indeed social innovation and Twitter has taken a lead among social media players with the likely introduction of this feature.

Twitter has recently come up with numerous changes in its platform and this one is sure to get appreciation from one and all. However, this is not the first time; Twitter has tried something of this kind. Twitter clients and apps like Tweetdeck and tweetbot allow users to set timed mutes which expire on their own in the designated time. This way you could easily enjoy your favourite movie or catch up the action in the football game without worrying about the nagging tweets which keep coming up every other minute.

With the launch of tweet button in its main application, Twitter has scored a point over other social media sites, as its Facebook like layout and timeline ads concept did not score much with users.

Keep watching this space for more as Twitter is likely to come up with this feature soon. Any updates will be posted here!

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Twitter New Look Update Soon With Pictures To Tag: Larger Profile Photo, Better Tweets Organisation

Social media giant Twitter has announced on its blog that they will be redesigning the website to organize tweets better. The new design will offers users with a larger profile photo and the option to customize their header. This means, one will now be able to show off their best Tweets.

With the new design, Tweets will be better organized and users will know which of their tweets attracted the most activity. The tweets will now look larger and one will also be able to pin favorite tweets to the top of the page.

Interestingly, users will also be able to tag their friends in pictures, something that has not been available so far. This update has been devised for iOS and Android users of Twitter.

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S.E.L.F.I.E. Mirror to Capture Your Photo and Posts it on Twitter

Selfies seem to be  have caught the rage. A new project, S.E.L.F.I.E. mirror, still in budding stages has cropped up and could allow you to take picture perfect shots and also upload the same on Twitter.Turkey Enhances Measures To Block Twitter Access After Users Break Ban

Rummaging through the web gives you amazing peek into looking at the selfies posted by zillions. 

Yes, the concept of snapping a Selfie is a darling as it could seal our best moments but there are issues plaguing it. For the least, issues with the right angle, tilt and frame, all club up to often doom a planned selfie click.

With the intervention of Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine, the expansion for S.E.L.F.I.E., you will find a mirror that is two way for clicking selfies. iStrategyLabs is the name behind the innovation. It features MAC Mini, the mirror and lights.

You will only have to flaunt the right expression and then sit back for the picture to appear on Twitter.  We have no clue about its availability or price tag. Getting in touch with the makers could help.

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Turkey Enhances Measures To Block Twitter Access After Users Break Ban


Turkey Enhances Measures To Block Twitter Access After Users Break Ban

The government of Turkey has enhanced measures to block Twitter access after several users have come up with ways to break the ban. The internet service providers (ISPs) in the country were initially simply redirecting traffic to a government webpage by enabling the DNS servers to redirect away from Twitter’s homepage.

But now the ISPs have started blocking the addresses used by the site, making it more difficult for the users to get around the restrictions, according to analysts of internet monitoring firm Renesys. This has been confirmed by a Turkish government webpage, citing court orders.

The Twitter ban comes after Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to “root out” the social media network. Erdogan claimed that the social networking site has been used to spread wiretapped recordings that resulted in destroying the reputation of his government.

This has taken the battle between the Erdogan regime and the social media network to a whole new level. The minister’s attempt to block Twitter on March 20 2014 were put down by Turkish President Abdullah Gül, who himself flouted it.

Gül posted several messages on Twitter saying “The shutdown of an entire social platform is unacceptable. Besides, as I have said many times before, it is technically impossible to close down communication technologies like Twitter entirely. I hope this measure will not last long.”

Meanwhile, Twitter has declined to comment on the issue, but it is understood to be aware of the development.… Read the rest

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Fiery Battle In App Land For Mozilla- Twitter Accompanies Firefox In The War



Firefox and Twitter-sounds like a deadly combination, isn’t it? Well, we have sources that reveal Twitter would be available for the fiery operating system as soon as devices backed by this OS ships. The tweet app on this OS would not be starkly different from conventional mobile applications. The tabs such as Me, Connect and Home would still be in place. However, Web Activities would just be a cherry on the cake for this app. Snap-sharing would become breeze with this for sure.

Mozilla has already partners in Facebook Cut the Rope, EA Games and Twitter is yet another feather in its cap. We hope that this collaboration proves fruitful for Mozilla since it has a long race ahead in the market where Android and iOS rule.

 … Read the rest

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250K Accounts Compromised, Says Twitter; Clarifies that Hack was Unrelated to Yesterday’s Outage

 In what appears as more bad news for the microblogging social network, Twitter has been sending out mails to 250,000 of its users claiming that it has been experiencing “unusual access patterns” which could indicate possible hacking of their accounts. However, the site has claimed that this incident is independent of the outage it experienced yesterday. Twitter has requested its users to change their passwords following this incident and ensure that they use a strong enough password to protect their accounts.

A common thread observed in the users whose accounts were possibly hacked indicate that this could have affected the early adopters of Twitter, who have been using the site since 2007. If this is found true and you are among those who joined the brigade much later, you’re probably safe.

We’re not quite sure if they’re related, but coincidentally, Amazon too experienced an outage yesterday. Twitter of course has chosen not to comment on whether it had received any information from other companies who experienced such outages. However, the company did refer to security breaches that occurred at New York Times and Wall Street Journal sites, and has also speculated that recent security issues in browsers related to Java could also have led to the hacking of these accounts.

Just to be on the safe side, we advise all our readers to take care of their Twitter accounts and change their passwords at the earliest. Be safe, and let’s do all that we can from our end to keep our online identities secure.… Read the rest

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Twitter Vs Facebook: Would Pornographic Videos Cost The Just Announced Twitter App?

No sooner did Twitter announce its latest video-sharing app Vine that some users have started sharing pornographic content on it. While Vine’s terms of service make no specific mention about disallowing sharing of sexually explicit material, the catch is that Apple’s App Store’s guidelines don’t welcome such stuff.

Users have already begun uploading videos featuring male genitalia and clips from porn videos on to the site, with the hashtags porn, sex and other similar words. Even though Twitter may believe in the freedom of expression, given how it has kept away from censoring tweets, Vine does have a provision for users to flag content they find offensive. According to a representative from the company, “Uploaded videos that are reported and determined to violate our guidelines will be removed from the site, and the user that posted the video may be terminated”.

The main question everyone’s asking is what impact it will have on the app’s success. Given how strict Apple is against allowing any apps with pornographic content on their App Store, how exactly does Twitter plan on meeting the App Store guidelines on Vine? The company was in the news recently for removing the app 500px because it reportedly let users search for and find naked bodies on its photo-sharing platform.… Read the rest

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Twitter’s Vine Vs Facebook’s Instagram: The Rivals Take The Brawl To Another Level

In an entirely surprising turn of events, Thursday saw microblogging social network Twitter launching its own video app, Vine. Users can capture short videos of up to 6 seconds’ duration and run it on loop using this app. As of now, this app is available only for iOS users – so iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users can download and use this app currently.

In keeping with Twitter’s theme of brevity, this app is also aimed at inspiring creativity among its users. According to a blog post by Twitter, Vine’s posts are about abbreviation, shortening something longer.

However, moments after Twitter announced this new app, privacy concerns began to get raised. Some users reported that they were able to view other users’ private contact information when they logged into the app, including e-mail addresses and phone numbers. This issue led Twitter to disable Facebook sharing shortly after the app’s launch.

Twitter later stated that the issue was caused due to a bug which caused accounts to get cross-wired. However, the company denied reports that users were able to post content from others’ social accounts due to this bug.

Twitter recently acquired Vine, possibly to compete with Google’s giant video-sharing social network, YouTube. But the real question is if it will find as many takers and spell success for Twitter.… Read the rest

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Instagram Twitter Rivarly Grows; Disables Twitter Integration

It seems all is not well between Twitter and Instagram.  After selling itself to Facebook it has disabled integration with Twitter.

The photo sharing app instagram has disabled the features that lets Twitter to properly display its photos. If you still want to share your Instagram photos on Twitter, you can do that but they won’t show on Twitter properly.

“This is due to Instagram disabling its Twitter cards integration, and as a result, photos are being displayed using a pre-cards experience,” the micro blogging site added.


According to thesources, the move shows the growing rivalry between Twitter and Instagram. By disabling Twitter cards, Instagram will force Twitter users to click through to its site to see the entire image, the souce added.… Read the rest

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