What to expect from Netflix in India?

Viewers can now access the huge repertoire of domestic and international video contents courtesy Netflix that has arrived in India. The video content that is streamed by Netflix can be viewed on smartphones, laptops, tablets and television screens, a feature that keeps Netflix ahead of other similar companies operating in India. It can also be viewed on larger screens by using Apple TV and Playstation. Netflix exclusively produces a lot of globally popular contents, too.

Netflix in IndiaUncensored content

Considerable amount of uncensored content will be available but all contents streamed by Netflix are rated for the category of viewers that debar children from viewing adult contents. Although plenty of contents have been left out from the catalogue, the collection of new titles is laudable. Indian viewers would be happy to access contents that had remained out of bounds for them, till now.

Bollywood Films

Besides international titles, classic Bollywood films from Hum Aapke Hai Kaun to Piku find a place in the catalog and the process of enhancing the list is already on. Netflix provides a huge platform for independent cinema in India that can now overcome the problem of not finding enough screens to reach to viewers.

Smooth streaming and seamless viewing are assured.


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HBO Now Vs Netflix: How Do They Compare?

Revenue becomes even more precious among live streaming services with the launch of HBO Now. One of the biggest fallout of the new live streaming service would be the viewership battle between Netflix and HBO Now.Netflix vs HBO Now

While HBO Now will soon be available to viewers as a standalone channel without any cable subscription, Netflix has topped them in terms of revenue generation so far. News also has it that Netflix has made a huge bank of original content, which will create pressure on HBO Now.

HBO started operations back in the early 70s and has some of the blockbuster franchises like True Blood and Game of Thrones. They have also declared premiering a new season of Game of Thrones when they launch the standalone streaming service in April 12, 2015.

In this race, Netflix is not lagging behind. With experience of only seven years, they have updated their library with a whole lot of original content and have high rating shows like Orange in the New Black as well as House of Cards.

The addition of original content to the Netflix library is sure to take away the supremacy HBO Now used to enjoy. However, Netflix remains a great choice for watching non-fiction films.When it comes to cost and technology, there is no doubt that Netflix enjoys supremacy compared to any other channel. Though both have some advantages and disadvantages, Netflix is posing a strong competition to HBO Now, which is still the most popular choice among audiences. … Read the rest

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EA Access Will Be For Gaming What Netflix Was To Cinema

EA AccessOne of the biggest entries to the gaming world has been the advent of the EA Access which is all set to revolutionize the way we perceive gaming in present times. Gaming is now becoming hardcore with a variety of games being provided at the best possible prices. It is exclusively available for Xbox One users meant as a shot in its flailing arm which was lagging way behind PS4 sales.

So, here we have a winner in the making. Imagine games which are worth $70 each being offered at a price of $5 on a monthly basis or $30 (in total) for a year. One will have access to the exclusive vault which has the mind-boggling list including FIFA 14, Peggle 2, Madden NFL 25 and Battlefield 4. And wait for the big ones as the company plans to add more games to this kitty as well. It is also offering a five-day pre-release for some upcoming games (although this would be for a limited duration).

You can get the EA Access passes on Xbox Live, at GameStop, Amazon, and other selected channels. Also, for starters, it is launched for a limited number of people, which will cover the complete Xbox One universe in the near future. You can play your favorite games for a year and shift to newer pastures as and when you like.

Who knows, soon one will have other subscription services as well. It will revolutionize how we perceive gaming with multiple options available for a larger audience. … Read the rest

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Netflix Gears Up For Glory With Original Marco Polo Series By Weinstein Co

Latest buzz reveals that a Netflix original drama would be produced by the Weinstein Company with The Adventures of Marco Polo. The new drama assures to unveil with a different genre of martial arts, sexual conspiracies and impressive battles in the drama.

The Adventures of Marco Polo would be retold and enacted in the drama. The latest Netflix drama series would have Harvey Weinstein as the producer and Joachim Ronning, Espen Sandberg and Dan Minahan as the directors.

The Netflix drama series is yet to be titled and it would be released across all Netflix’s international territories later in this year. The drama would be set during the time of 13th Century with a Chinese backdrop in the middle of a brutal war. The war will double as a hotbed oodles of martial arts, political conspiracies, betrayal and much more. Ronning and Sandberg would also be directing the show with Minahan, who is well known for his work on episodes of Game of Thrones and True Blood. John Fusco would be joining in as creator and executive producer.

The programme would be shot in Malaysia from the coming months. Marco Polo- the series was last shown in 2007 and the adventurer’s exploitations and journey has been shown in the episodes. Netflix has always impressed all views with its content, as well as Golden Globe host Amy Poehler joking at the 2014 awards who said “, “A lot of nominated shows this year are actually on Netflix. House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black.”

The Series of Marco Polo would be the first epic and historical drama after political series such as house of Cards, orange is the new black and Arrested Development. Let us see what he viewers have to say about this new intriguing series of Marco Polo due around 2015.



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The internet TV war is heating up. Let’s have a look at some of the players; Chromecast, Roku and Apple TV.

The internet TV war is heating up and Google have recently joined the fray with the Chromecast. While it is definitely the cheapest of the three it certainly comes short on featured content. It most certainly is the easiest to install. All you need to do is plug it into the HDMI port on a HD capable TV, use a USB socket or an electricity point to power up and you are good to go. Users can use Android or iOS devices to control it and even computers connected to wi-fi can be used as controller. Certainly though, each device has its pluses and minuses. Roku, now the Roku 3, has way more exclusive content than the other two, Apple TV lets you AirPlay any video or music from your Mac operating system device and Chromecast is small, sleek and cheap. As of yet Chromecast has the least amount of streaming content, but many providers are coordinating with Google to change that.



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Nintendo Wii U Controversies Continue as it Faces Streaming Issues

Users of the newly-launched Nintendo Wii U users have some bad news to deal with. It is being said that streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, and Amazon Instant Video would come to halt for a few weeks.

Netflix rubbished the rumors saying that there will be no delay for Netflix on Wii U’s launch.

“Netflix is available today on the Wii U home screen with the Wii U launch in the US and Canada,” Netflix director of product innovation Chris Jaffe said in a statement. “Netflix members can sign-in for full access.”
The new console hit the shelves after a launch event at the Manhattan Nintendo World store. There was large no of crowd getting gathered in large numbers in front of stores to get their hands on Wii U. Wii U is a living room game console with a tablet style controller called GamePad.

You can get your hands on Wii U – the first new living room game console from any of the big three console-makers — Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo .
Making console functionality easy is what Nintendo is aiming at. Along with video streaming, the Wii U will support a social platform called Miiverse which is a new way of engaging users along with Netflix TV.… Read the rest

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iPhone5 Update: Netflix for iOS Upgraded for Better Viewing

The good news is that the screen of the iPhone 5 has gotten taller. The bad news is that many exicting iOS apps have not been optimized for it. Netflix has been troubled with this too and developers at the movie streaming giant have been working hard to fix this problem.

The Netflix app for Apple’s iPhone 5 has now been optimized to suit the taller screen as well as to work on iOS 6. While the iOS Facebook and Twitter apps were optimized from the day the phone was launched, Instagram optimized its apps earlier this week. Netflix is another leader to have made the shift quickly. It’s a lingering situation for users now, but one they are ready to wait for.

Apps that have not been redesigned to suit the larger screen would go into a letterbox mode.… Read the rest

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Netflix CEO Hits out at Amazon Prime








Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has always shied from lashing out at competitors. Not this time round. In an interview with Wall Street Journal, the staid CEO said Amazon’s Prime video service “a confusing mess”. Hasting has maintained in the past that he saw HBO as a much bigger competitor in video streaming than Amazon Prime.

However, when Wall Street Journal asked him about Amazon Prime, he said, “In the U.S., our content budget is about three times [Amazon’s], and we’ve got about three times more content. And what our customers tell us is they want Netflix to have more content, not to have two-thirds less at a lower price”.

“[Amazon has its Prime membership service] and it’s really about low-cost shipping, but why is video in there? It’s kind of a confusing mess,” he added.

Hastings further went on to suggest how Netflix’s video recommendation algorithms are better compared to Amazon Prime’s. Unlike Amazon, Netflix focuses solely on building a video service, the CEO said.

Netflix recommendations, its user interface, the video playback feature and video queue management are some other exciting features of the leading video streaming service.

In the interview with Wall Street Journal, Hastings pointed out that apart from video streaming Netflix is also concentrating on growing its business by developing HBO-quality original TV content and pursuing international expansion.… Read the rest

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Netflix App for iPhones is Smarter and Smoother

Right after the launch of the long-awaited iPhone 5, Netflix launched its revamped video application for iPhones. The video application from Netflix is now updated and it has the same smooth user interface as its latest iPad app. Now with this revamped version, finding, watching, and streaming videos will become a hassle free and easier for users on their iPhones.
The iPhone 5 is launched with a 4-inch display, which will give users an improved video experience. While enhancing the visual improvements, developers at Netflix are also working to optimize the app’s support for iPhone 5 display. With the iPhone 5 bigger display, users can enjoy watching high quality videos, clubbed together with fast 4G LTE speeds.

The updated Netflix app will present the most recent items watched at the top of the main screen and will also offer recommendations below that. With this faster and smoother version, users of iPhone 5 will also get more choices. Tapping on a title once will give enhanced information and double-clicking will start the playback right away.… Read the rest

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Amazon and EPIX Deal, A Competition to Netflix and Apple

Amazon Inc. and Hollywood studio consortium EPIX recently struck a deal for three years, which would now add around 3000 movies to Amazon’s video streaming library. This has heated up the tablet wars, getting Amazon in direct competition to Netflix Inc and Apple Inc.

Now the competition starts as to who will offer better streaming video content to users via tablets.

The deal was announced by Amazon on Tuesday, which involves Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate’s online streaming partnership called EPIX. It will now bring new releases such as “The Avengers” and “Iron Man 2,” classic movies and original programs to the Kindle tablet maker’s Prime Instant Video service.

This multi-year licensing deal comes after the end of Netflix’s deal with EPIX.

The news, which came two days before Amazon is expected to launch its latest Kindle Fire, pushed the shares of Netflix down 11 percent.

Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service now comes in direct competition with Netflix, iTunes and Google Play.

Mark Greenberg, President and CEO, EPIX said in a statement, “We are excited to be working with Amazon and to bring our compelling content to Amazon Pirme and Kindle Fire customers.”

Currently, there are many tablets available in the market, which are all set to offer users better, faster and sleeker user experience.

Apple’s iPad stays in the lead. It accounts for 70 percent of sale in the US market in the 2Q this year. Samsung comes next with about 10 percent of the market. Amazon stands at the third spot with just 4 percent of the tablet market in 2Q.

Amazon recently announced selling out all of its Kindle Fire devices, and taking it off the shelves as it is expected to release an upgraded version of the Kindle Fire tablet this Thursday.

Google has also entered the tablet wars with its Nexus 7, which it advertized on its main search page last week.

Now with major releases coming in next few days, which tablet would really hit off with users would be interesting to watch.… Read the rest

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