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Bring Netflix Home! Netflix Rates Reduced by Up To 60%

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Netflix has announced a price cut for its monthly subscription. In India, video streaming platform Netflix has reduced its rates by up to 60%. The customers will get the discount according to the plan they choose. Discount is starting from 18 % and will go up to 60%.

This is not for the first time that Netflix has lowered its subscription prices. In 2019, it gave discounted subscription to its viewers by as much as half of the actual price pf subscription.

The special offer was for the customers who took subscription for straight 3 months. OTT platform Netflix has been offering regular discounts since it was launched in 2016.

Why Netflix reduced its prices?

One major could be that it is their marketing strategy. By doing so, they will be able to appeal more subscribers.

Less subscribers in comparison to other OTT platform

Netflix price reduced

Netflix has approx. 5 million customers in the country, which is less in comparison the subscribers of Amazon Prime Video and Disney Hotstar. Where, Amazon Prime Video has 46 million subscribers and Disney Hotstar has 19 million subscribers.

As reported by researcher Media Partners Asia, India will have at least 1 billion video screens by 2024. Along with this, India will have 85% of broadband usage.

New rates of Netflix subscription

For the Mobile users of Netflix:

Previous planNew plan
Rs. 199Rs. 149

Netflix’s Basic monthly plan reduced by 60%

Previous planNew plan
Rs. 499Rs. 199

Netflix’s Standard plan reduced by 23%

Previous PlanNew Plan
Rs. 649Rs. 499

What Netflix Vice President for content Monika Shergill has to say.

Netflix Vice President for content Monika Shergill said that they are now dropping prices and its across the board, across their plans. This will include local and global services. They want their audience to watch Netflix on bigger screen and any device, so they dropped the price by 60% on their basic plan.

Shergill says that Netflix’s whole focus is to reach to the larger set of audience and it’s an organic expansion strategy.

Amazon Prime Video has also announced its new plan

Netflix competes with Amazon Prime Video. As Netflix reduced its prices for subscribers, Amazon Prime video announced that it will raise the price of annual membership.

Amazon Prime Membership

Previous planNew plan
Rs. 999Rs. 1,499

Amazon Prime monthly pack

Previous planNew plan
Rs. 129Rs. 179

Amazon quarterly plan

Previous planNew plan
Rs. 329Rs.459

Now you can binge watch your favourite series on Netflix at very affordable rate. Take the advantage of this offer and enjoy your weekend.
As Amazon Prime Video has announced to increase its subscription rates, it will come with some additional benefits.

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