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Netflix Partial Downloads Feature for Android Users

Good news for Netflix bingers! The most-viewed OTT platform is soon rolling out Netflix partial downloads features on Android to allow users to watch their favorite series even before the download is complete. This new feature will enable users to watch their favourite show even in places with limited connectivity, and even in a flight, on bus or in train. 

Netflix partial download was not available and content could not be viewed offline until the download was complete. Netflix has indeed raised the bar for its offline download feature by allowing users to watch incompletely downloaded content as well.

Netflix partial downloads 1

The download feature was first introduced in 2016 so users can watch shows while being offline. Now users can easily finish downloading the entire episode or movie when they regain access to Internet and continue watching the rest of it.

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How does the Netflix Partial Downloads feature work?

The feature works on a profile-by-profile basis meaning each profile will have different recommendations based on the user’s preferences.

Netflix partial downloads 2

The new feature can be accessed in 3 different ways, including:

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  • On the profile selection screen under your name
  • In the navigation menu (wherever available) on the left side of the screen
  • In the tenth row on the Netflix homepage

The Netflix partial downloads feature will initially be made available on Android phone and tablets for now. The company is soon planning to start testing on iOS devices in the coming months. A ‘Play Something’ feature has also been seen on the Netflix app. The Play Something tab shows recommendations for shows and movies based on the user’s preferences. 

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Stay tuned to know more about latest Netflix updates. You

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