Microsoft Hands Over Pink Slips To 7800 Employees

Recently, Microsoft announced that the company will be cutting down 7,800 employees most of which have been working in mobile division. Microsoft also stated that the company will write off its seven billion deals with Nokia and will also be closing research and development center in Finland.

Microsoft hands over pink slips to 7800 employeesCollateral damage

There were rumors that Microsoft will be preparing for job cuts since its hardware business comprising of windows mobile unit was not doing well. According to, Microsoft stated that the company will be following a different strategy which will involve creating and implementing a good Windows OS ecosystem for the users. The company was also planning to put concentrated focus on its mobile device portfolio and will also retain the capability of innovating in mobility. An e-mail with this message was sent from Satya Nadella to the employees of Microsoft.

Follow up of March job cuts

We all are aware of the fact that, Microsoft recently laid off 18,000 people across the globe as in order to restructure and cut down costs. But the recent job layoffs have come just after the departure of Stephen Elopfrom the company. Elop was the former CEO of Nokia and was hired by Microsoft after the company took over Nokia.  It must also be noted that Microsoft is not only cutting jobs but has also decided to write off its deal with Nokia. The company has now decided to focus its attention to Windows 10 which will be releasing in the last week of July.

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Vivo V1 Max and Vivo V1 Soon in India With Interesting Price and Specs

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Lumia 940 May Flaunt Lumia 930 Like Specs, Microsoft To Offer 20 MP Camera And USB-C

Amid numerous renders and leaks of the Lumia 940 from Microsoft, Phone Designer’s concept render has an interesting insight. The concept that this source highlights is the presence of the latest Windows 10 Mobile OS on the upcoming flagship besides the fact that the Lumia 940 appears pretty similar to what we saw on the Lumia 930.

The Inner Specs

As for our experience with the Lumia 930, we did love the 5-incher that and with the LumiaLumia 940 Might Flaunt Lumia 930 Like Specs, Microsoft To Offer 20 MP Camera And USB-C 940 seemingly packing in just 5.2 inches screen size, we do not expect a leap here. However, the latest concept render did reveal that the Lumia 940 will come in a full HD screen sans bezel. This automatically means that the device will have an edge-to-edge screen without bumps here and there.

The Shutter Specs

Rumors have it that the main camera will come for a whooping 20 MP while being topped up with triple LED flashlight. This means that the photographic capacities will be as great as the Lumia 930 offering. Flaunting a USB-C will be a highlight for the Microsoft flagship. This feature has never been available for any flagship from the maker till date.  In case the same makes it to the Lumia 940 XL as well, then the Samsung Note 5 will have biting competition.

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Minecraft Set To See Major Revamps By Early Next Year-Says Mojan

Minecraft is set to see major revamps by early next year given that Mojang, a Microsoft company, is striving to keep up its community. The developers from Mojang announced the news at Minecon 2015 in London.

Minecraft Set To See Major Revamps By Early Next YearWielding Using Shields

In a major update, Minecraft players can now enable virtual characters. From a pickaxe to a torch, players can now flaunt anything on their hands, according to IGN notes. Add to this shields or even customized banners, and we are already excited.

Fiercer Monsters On The Prowl

Mojang has plans to toughen the character, Ender Dragon. As a player, you will have to defeat the dragon before wrapping the game up. The new bit here is that you could now be capable of respwaning the dragon. Get ready for a new mob, the Shulker will come across as a projectile shooter.

Newer Arenas For The Game

Mojang announced changes for the gaming interface or location with introduction of a purple-yellow color scheme towards the wrap up point of the game. Levitation rights will be applicable on the players at this site.

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Why Lumia 940 And Lumia 940 XL Could Be Top Of Line Game Changers For Microsoft?

Microsoft struck more than a cord after taking over Nokia but it seriously needs a game changer– and Lumia 940 or the Lumia 940 XL might be the one here. Futuristic, limelight hogging and stiff competition for Samsung, HTC as well as Apple, the Lumia 940 and the Lumia 940 XL will have a sculpted look in aluminum frame while also flaunting the latest Windows 10 Mobile.

Why Lumia 940 And Lumia 940 XL Could Be Top Of Line Game Changers For Microsoft?What’s On Offer?

While the physicality appears stunning on paper, the bull’s eye will be hit with the Lumia 940 flaunting a 2.7 GHz Snapdragon 805 processor. Gaming enthusiasts will find much excitement on the Lumia 940 and the XL variant thanks to Adreno 420 graphics. Booting speed will be jet-fast due to the 3 GB RAM that comes with onboard storage of 32, 64 or even 128 GB. The screen size stands at 5.2 inches for the Lumia 940 while the bigger XL model touches 5.7 inches. As for the resolution, expect 1920×1080 pixels and a topping with Gorilla Glass 4.

The Camera Capacity

The handsets will offer WLAN, NFC and USB 3.0 support but the focus of Lumia 940 is the 24 MP PureView that equipped with LED flash, 4K video with 60fps. As for selfies, click away with the 5 MP front shutter. All this—wrapped up with a 3250 mAh battery.

Microsoft will finally be able to have a leader with this line of Lumia. We aren’t too sure about the pricing though. As for the release date, we are all looking at a probable September release.

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Lumia 1030 Rumours: May Come With Verizon Carrier

Released in 2013, Nokia Lumia 1020 has enjoyed immense popularity among the users and rumors indicate that the smartphone might soon get a successor. If NWE reports turn true then the upcoming handset, Lumia 1030 will soon make its way into the market and possibly with Verizon as carrier.

 Lumia 1030 to come with Verizon carrier- More specs to be unveiledMicrosoft and Verizon to come together in Lumia 1030

 Even though the recently leaked image  does not provide much information on the specifications or features of the smartphone, GSM Arena has noted that the phone is carrying the logo of Verizon close to the rear camera. The logo of Microsoft is clearly visible on the front side of the phone, which indicates that the company may tie with Verizon for their upcoming launch.

While Lumia 1030 is gradually making headlines, speculations regarding the high-end smartphone Lumia 940 as well as Lumia 940 XL does not seem to end anytime soon.

In a recent report, GSM Arena suggested that  940XL will boast a 17-megapixel rear camera camera along with 5-megapixel front camera and a 5.7-inch display. To make it a worthy buy, the phone is reported to possess  2,560 x 1,440-pixel QHD screen resolution and a huge storage of 16GB. Microsoft though so far concentrated on the budget phones, is trying to lure the premier phone buyers with its 940 XL and is planning a  Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chipset with octa-core processor and 1.5GB RAM. Yet, as of now, there is no confirmation from the company regarding the launch of the devices or their specifications. 

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Can Windows 10 Beat Its Predecessor With Host Of New Features

Microsoft has replaced Spartan with  Edge on its Windows 10 Insider Preview Build. At the moment, Microsoft is looking to improvise its offerings on Windows 10 and according to Build 10158, there are a host of latest specs that will help in rebranding the browser.

Microsoft Switches To Edge In Place Of Spartan On Preview BuildWhat’s On Offer?

Those who have convertibles or hybrid models can expect Continuum to see much revamp on its new build. This offers latest animations and Windows StoreApp support besides access to Win32 apps in tablet mode.

Cross Browser Imports Are Possible

When at Start menu, users can swipe towards the upward area from the left side so as to open All apps. In addition, given that Microsoft Edge comes with an all new app ID as opposed to Project Spartan mode, once you switch to Edge will all your bookmarks and settings will be reset. Select Internet Explorer and import all saved favorites in directory into the new Microsoft Edge. The New Tab page can also be customised from here on.

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Review: Microsoft Lumia 640 XL

While Microsoft wanted to wow us with the Lumia 1320 budget-make phablet, the same failed to impress the users. Now the Lumia 640 Xl is being touted as a successor that could actually bring in more sales with renewed interest.  As for most Lumia variants, Lumia 640 XL will be available in candy colors such as orange and cyan besides classic black and white hues. You can get hands on either a matte model of a glossy body in polycarbonate.  Despite being very sturdy Lumia 640 XL is not fit to be used single headedly.

Looking Into The Specs

The phablet comes in 5.7 incher IPS display clubbed with HD resolution. You get pixel Review: Microsoft Lumia 640 XLdensity of about 259 ppi. We do not expect great viewing angles but there are no pixelated dots around either. Throwing in Microsoft’s Clearblack tech has done more than good to the LCD screen. The icing on the same is presence of Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

 Wrapping Up

Quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor at 1.2 GHz clock speed powers the Lumia 640 XL to life while your graphics and games are handled well thanks to  Adreno 305 GPU and 1 GB of RAM.  The handset comes with 8 GB of in built storage that can be extended via a MicroSD up till 128 GB storage.

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Microsoft Lumia 1030 Rumors: Leaked Front Panel Gives New Hope Of Its Existence

While a Lumia 1030 leaked image named McLaren was swirling around half a year back, Microsoft denied even working on it as a successor to Lumia 1020 variant.  Now a viral image that probably is a front panel of the Lumia 1030 has been doing rounds on

Microsoft Lumia 1030 Rumors: Leaked Front Panel Gives New Hope Of Its ExistenceSpotting The Logo

The left panel at the top also has a Microsoft logo that is hardly visible unless you twitch your eyes. However, we did spot a Verizon logo at the right hand area on the top panel.

The Specs Revealed

 Rumors reveal that the display is a plain 5-incher but has a decent resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The main camera is something to look up tp and we might just see 50 MP—even though it appears too farfetched on page. Given that we saw 41 MP on the Lumia 1020, this was not totally un-pragmatic though. Last heard, the Lumia 1030 could have 2GB RAM inside. In case, the handset indeed is being made, then we could get hands on it by the latter half of this year. Stay tuned.

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Surface Pro 3 Comes Cheap At $1,299 Backed By Intel i7 Core Processor


The latest Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft comes power packed with the new i7 Intel Core processor at a slashed rate of $1,299. It is a win-win situation for the customers who wanted more punch from their Surface Pro 3’s processor. 

Surface Pro 3 Comes Cheap At $1,299 Backed By Intel i7 Core ProcessorWhat’s Onboard?

In case you noticed, then you must know that the lesser priced Core i7 variant is not available on a direct drop. For the $1,299 model, you will get hands on storage of 128 GB while the $1,549 model offered 256 GB storage. This Intel Core i7 model actually has the same price as the Core i5 variant of this Surface tablet.

Comparing Core i5 with Core i7

These editions come with 8 GB of RAM.  However, one main distinctive feature is that the Core i5 processor clocks at 1.9GHz but has a slower 2.9GHz Turbo Boost performance during heavy load. On the other hand, the Core i7 comes with slower 1.7GHz base clock speed while it touches 3.3GHz during Turbo Boost.

More so, the Core i7 variant comes with superb performance in terms of graphics while the i5 variant comes with integrated Intel HD 5000 graphics.

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Lumia 940 XL Alleged Leak Hints At Qaud HD Display And Octa-Core Processor

A latest render of Lumia 940 XL hints at some stupendeous hardware specs. Reportedly, Lumia 940 series is up for launch soon and will come packed with Windows 10 OS system.  As for the launch date, it is slated to be sometime during the later half of this year.

Lumia 940 From Microsoft Leaked Again, On GfxBench This TimeWhat’s Inside Lumia 940?

The leaked Lumia 940 render comes with the name RM-1100, according to the listing. However, this is way different than what we reported as RM-1085 that leaked on AdDuplex.  The rumored Lumia 940 will come with quad HD display as opposed to a display with 1080p resolution reported previously. Powered by a 810 octa-core processor, the Lumia variant will pack in 2 GB RAM while flaunting 16 GB internal storage.

 The Shutter Story

In addition, the flagship will supposedly house a 20 MP shutter on the back while selfies will be easy to click, thanks to a front 5 MP clicker. Another leak that is going by the name Cityman also reveals that the Lumia 940 will come with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB in-built storage. However, the upcoming Windows Phones will not be officially announced till we see the Windows 10 launch. 

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