A good news for all mobile enthusiasts; Surface Duo is now up for pre-ordering! For those who don’t know, Microsoft Surface Duo phone is a dual-screen foldable Android-based device that works as an Android tablet and phone in one. The striking feature of Surface Duo by Microsoft is that brings together the power of Microsoft 365 experiences along with a vast ecosystem of Android mobile apps in one sleek device that holds two screens and is a perfect companion when travelling. In short, it is the best combination of Microsoft 365 and Android™ apps

Everything You Need To Know About the New Surface Duo Phone

Surface Duo by Microsoft is for everyone who wants to accomplish more using the device in their pocket. Keep in mind the inability of smartphones with a single screen to assist in multi-tasking, a single screen makes it quite cumbersome to switch between apps in order to get even the most essential thing completed. It not only breaks flow but also shifts the focus, thus increasing the time taken to complete any job in hand.

Surface Duo phone comprises two distinct screens that enable users to browse up to two apps simultaneously for cross-reference information. With Surface Duo, you can even drag and move images, text and files effortlesslybetween screens to swiftly complete the task.

Key Specifications of Microsoft Surface Duo Folding Phone

  • 360-degree hinge and features two separate OLED displays
  • 2.8 GHz
  • Octa Core Processor paired with 8 GB GB of RAM
  • 4500 mAh battery
  • Separate Surface Duo SDK

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Advantages of Microsoft Surface Duo Phone

Microsoft Surface Duo Phone

Design Innovation

Microsoft Surface Duo phone is a folding phone which uses a custom pixel stack. Each set of panels undergo extensive colour and luminance calibration.The new dual-system architecture of the latest folding phone promises optimal performance and battery life. The Samsung Surface Duo also adorns the thinnest, lightest design seen of lately. Every detail, from the layout of the motherboard and multi-cell battery, to the placement of inertial sensors, mics and antennas, was purposefully designed to unlock an entirely new interaction model across two screens.

The in-built mechanism is premeditated with latest technology to actively align pixels across screens. Also, the dynamic 360 degree hinge, custom-designed cables readily connect the displays to work in an organised manner across and even in different postures.

Latest Way To Use Favourite Apps

Surface Duo Phone

Microsoft Surface Duo phone hands you the ability to use two screens together on a mobile product. This means, for instance, you can now watcha video without missing out on the text thread with your friends. The folding phone allows reading and taking notes simultaneously so that you don’t forget important points and details.

This folding phone is a great option for online shopaholics as it allows shoppers to compare two things side by side when shopping online. It also allows you to create your own custom app groups and open them with one tap right from your home screen. All you got to do is select amongst your favourite Microsoft 365 apps or other apps from the Google Play store and pair them together.

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The Most Trustworthy Combination of Microsoft 365 and Android™ Apps

Duo Phone

Surface Duo is designed with an aim to provide users the best Microsoft 365 mobile experiences along with a seamless cross-device

experience with Windows 10 PC. Apps such as Office, Outlook, Teams, Edge, OneDrive, OneNote, Microsoft To Do and many more have been optimised for two screens. The company is also working towards extending Windows to add more value to people also using Android phonesfor Android users

When using the Microsoft Surface Duo folding phone, enjoy the best possible dual-screen experience right on your Windows PC. It also allows you to copy and paste content between your Surface Duo and PC, thus saving you time and energy spent in transferring text and mails from one system to another.

Microsoft Surface Duo Price in India

Microsoft Surface Duo price starts at $1,399. This means the Microsoft Surface Duo Price in India will be INR 1,04,600. Available for pre-order, the folding phone will be available for purchase in the US starting September 10’2020.

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