Microsoft Advocates “Digital India” – Will Train Govt Personnel in AI & Cloud Computing


Microsoft India has launched a program to train several government employees over the course of next 12 months on artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing skills. The program has been named as the Digital Governance Tech Tour which will include various physical and virtual workshops for the selected IT professionals.

The digital governance program is likely to contribute to the process of implementation of AI and cloud adoption across states in various sectors in the country. Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog said that AI, data analytics and cloud storage in the core sectors will result in more inclusive economic growth. He added that it would be vital to equip IT professionals with the right knowledge and to enhance their skills for the successful implementation of these plans.

Skill Enhancement – Cloud Based Solutions

Microsoft India’s initiative is aimed at training 5,000 technocrats and IT professionals in several government departments in the next one year. It will include two tracks, one for technical architects, project managers, and technical directors. the other will include developers, application architects, and IT architects. The first track will aim at enhancing their skills in a number of specialized areas such as ethical governance through artificial Intelligence, data, insights and analytics, security considerations in cloud storage, etc. The second track will teach them the basics of Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service.

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The government’s latest step towards AI-enabled future can be a game-changer for the government sector and is likely to provide a huge boost to its Digital India campaign. It will upgrade their skills and give them the necessary experience to successfully deploy cloud-based solutions. Kant has also said that similar initiatives and collaborations between the academic institutions and industry can immensely contribute to the process. 

Microsoft India President, Anant Maheshwari, President opined that AI and cloud-based solutions can enable path-breaking innovations and will drive the next phase of India’s growth. He also added that continuous learning and upgrading skill set for all is a must to achieve these goals.