Microsoft’s First Laptop Is Here: All About The Surface Book

Microsoft has taken another big leap. After launching two flagship smartphones Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, the company is ready to take the gadget market by storm with its Surface Pro 4. To woo gadget lovers, the company even unveiled its much-awaited laptop, the Surface Book and both are now available at pre-order.

Microsoft Surface Surface Book features

Touted to run at a twice speed of MacBook Pro, Surface Book sports a 13.5-inchPixelSense display with 3000×2000 pixels resolution and 267ppi pixel density. Like Surface Pro 4, this too is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The first laptop of the company also offers a choice of processors and users can either get an Intel Core i7 processor or Intel Core i5 processor. The company has also offered a choice of RAM, between 8GB and 16GB.

Surface Pro 4 features

Apart from the Surface Pen, that is bundled with both Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, Microsoft Surface Pro boasts of a wide display measuring 12.3-inches along with 2736×1824 pixel, PixelTouch. As expected by users, the screen is well-protected by 0.4mm Corning Gorilla Glass 4. To ensure a hassle free performance, Microsoft has offered a choice of three different 6th generation Core processors of Intel, Core i5, Core i7 and Core M3. Storage is also not a problem with this device as its storing capacity starts from 128GB and can be extended up to 1TB. It also supports a high-speed RAM of 16GB. Yet, the basic model starts from 4GB. Claimed as sturdier, thinner, lighter and faster model, Surface Pro 4 also has impressive camera features with 8MP at the rear and 5MP at front.… Read the rest

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Use of Laptop Leads to Chronic Physical Problems- Survey

It seems that the most essential thing for today’s youth is the biggest cause of their pain. Yes! You guessed it right, Laptop it is. Doctors are implying that the main reason behind neck and lower back pain suffered by youngsters and professionals these days is the use of laptop for long hours on a regular basis.

Dr. H.S. Chhabra of Indian Spinal Injuries Center said, “Unlike desktops, the laptops haveUse of Laptop Leads to Chronic Physical Problems both the keyboard and the monitor attached to each other. You have to slouch to use it while sitting on bed. Many people keep it on the lap but even that causes lower back pain.”

He also said that about 15% of the total patients visiting their center in a month are students or young professionals suffering from chronic neck or lower back pain due to poor posture.

A survey conducted by Dr. Shankar Acharya, co-chairman of spinal surgery department at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital revealed that pain in the neck and lumbar region was common among people in North Delhi who were preparing for civil services.

He said, “These days most of the study materials are available online. These students spend hours together reading from laptops, which causes the musculoskeletal problems. Many of them take painkillers but don’t seek professional advice. Only those with crippling pain approach us.”

A recent survey carried in Finland and Britain showed that about 20% to 40% of youth are suffering from neck or back pain due to poor posture. Another study revealed that females are more affected than males. However, due to lack of survey, nobody knows the numbers of people suffering from musculoskeletal problems in India but the surely it would be extremely high. 

To deal with this problem, doctors are suggesting the use of laptops with detachable keyboards so that the same is placed conveniently to ease posture.… Read the rest

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MacBook Pro 2016 Preview: USB Type C Port; Butterfly Keys and Bold Colors

News is thatMacbook Pro 2016 To Come With USB Type C Port the MacBook Pro 2016 laptop is all set to see the light of the day and reports on its features have already started surfacing. We do a MacBook Pro 2016 preview based on the features reported so far.

Limited number of ports

It has come to light that the MacBook Pro 2016 will be equipped with two ports only, of which one will be the headphone jack. The other would have a USB Type C port and work as your slot for charging as well as data transfer purposes.

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The MacBook Pro keyboard

We are expecting a redesigned keyboard on the MacBook Pro 2016. The keys will be way bigger than we have seen Apple produce. They would also have a butterfly hinge, which would enhance comfort while typing.

In colors too!

For those in it for the looks, rejoice as we are anticipating the 2016 MacBook Pro to come in gold and a couple of other colors, namely Space Grey and Silver. As for the entrails, the MacBook 2016 is set to pack in a latest iCore version from Intel. With so much on the upcoming MacBook, users could be spoiled for choice.

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Apple has already scored a hit with its Force Touch MacBook 2015 revamped releases but wait until you get hands on the MacBook 2016 due next year. Stay tuned for more news on this front here.… Read the rest

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How To Buy A Refurbished Laptops On Sale- Tips Before You Seal The Deal

The price of laptops have gone down to some great extent in the recent days. Yet, that has not stopped people from searching refurbished laptops. Therefore, people interested in buying these can checkout some tips before sealing the deal.

Refurbished Laptops On Sale- Buyer's Guide Know what is a refurbished laptop- When looking for refurbished laptops, you can come across a model that is used for a couple of days and sold or you can even get a laptop that is used for years before getting professionally repaired. Make a thorough check before buying.

Check the warranty- The terms of warranty may vary from thirty days to even three years. Hence, check it carefully. Also note, warranty does not cover battery life.

 Professionally restored- Before buying the laptop make sure that it has been restored by the professionals and has been cleaned as well as inspected properly. Also find if the laptop has been graded by the professionals, who refurbished the product. This will help you in making the right pick at ease. When you decide to buy, you should also make sure to check the operating system provided.

Check for the accessories and packaging- Some refurbished laptops come with original packaging and accessories, while some do not. Checkout everything carefully before placing the order and also make sure to go through the return policy of the product.

Opt for credit card payment- Instead of using cash or debit card, it is recommended to make the payment with credit card as it will offer you better buying protection.

When purchasing a refurbished laptop, you should decide your requirements first and set a budget. Once done, check the stocks of every store carefully and compare to find the best deal for you. 

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Apple Rumoured To Launch 2016 MacBook Air To Compete With Microsoft Surface Pro 4Read the rest

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No Need To Charge, Portable Devices May Soon Have Power Banks

Power banks for smartphones and tablets have come as a boon for many people, who have to stay connected all throughout the day. However, that is not all, the recent updates available on the web hints that another portable device, laptop, may soon get a power bank to save users from the hassles of searching for charging points.

As a large number of users often complain that the lack of power backup restricts the portability of the laptop, manufacturers might be interested to launch power bank in the coming days.

Laptop Power Banks Might Be A Reality Soon Power banks to replace portable chargers

Availability of power banks for smartphones has indeed eased out things for people. Not only that, with multiple brands launching power banks for smartphones, the price have also plummeted. However, that is no longer in news in the recent days, as laptop power banks might be introduced soon.

Watt and mAh value of the batteries are listed on every laptop. Thus, very soon it might be possible to replace portable laptop chargers with power banks. Though portable notebook chargers are already in the market, none of the laptop manufacturers have so far confirmed anything related to the availability of power banks.

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Dell XPS 13 Takes The Sheen Off Latest 12-Incher Apple MacBook

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Tips To Save Your MacBook From Water Damage

Just like one has to visit the doctor for regular checkups, it is essential that you must take check your MacBook in order to protect it from viruses and malwares and hardware issues. But these are not the only issues that you might encounter since there is a very high chance that it might damage due to water spilling  If, by chance your MacBook has encountered with water spilling issue, try these simple steps to prevent hardware damage:

  • Tips to save your MacBook from water damage Shutting down the laptop- It is advisable that you must shut down your MacBook as soon as possible since the damage will be more severe if you continue to use the laptop ever after water slippage.
  • Unplugging accessories- make sure that you unplug all the accessories such as charger, external USB drives, mouse, speakers etc. removing these accessories will provide open spaces through which water can drain out from your MacBook.
  • Drying- it is not easy to dry the water that has already slipped inside the laptop but one has to be cautious while removing water from the outside. It is advisable that you must use a clean and dry towel or any kind of foam to dry the water which has spilled on the outside portion of your MacBook.
  • Flipping your MacBook- a good thing to prevent water slippage is to turn your MacBook upside down in such a manner so that the keyboard faces downwards. This will make way for the water that has slipped through the keyword. Also try to place the MacBook in an elevated manner so that the screen is facing downwards.
  • Removing back cover- if you have a good expertise in handling gadgets, you may even open the back cover of your MacBook. Also make sure that you remove the battery as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.

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HP Sceptre x 360 Dissected: A 13.3-Inch Beauty With Lots of Potential

The purpose of technology today has become innovation. An example of that is the HP Spectre x360, which is a Windows 8.1 laptop with an interesting 360° flip. What is most credit worthy about this laptop is the transition that HP has taken in terms of its design. So you will find a lot of aluminium, less flex and rarely any parting line on the x360 from HP.

hp sceptre x360 reviewPhysically, it is beautiful and compact in design. Even slimmer than the Macbook Air, it works well for a modern lifestyle. At 3.26 pounds, the laptop appears very similar to Lenovo’s Yoga convertibles from certain angles.

The 13.3-inch screen is touch responsive and comes in full HD with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. However, just as you thought the x360 could be placed beside the Macbook, the display gives it away.

Review: HP Omen–Gaming Laptop with Intel iCore i7

Despite being sharp, it is no way close to being Retina crisp. Photos do come to life on the screen, but display could have been better in terms of angle views and brightness. The keyboard makes working on the x360 a breeze but the ‘ifs and buts’ begin with the track pad, which is not very helpful. LED keys make up for keyboard use and they can turned on or off, depending on the requirement.

A mid-segment model in the Sceptre x360 league comes with:

  • Fifth-generation “Broadwell”
  • 2.2GHz Intel Core i5 processor
  • 256 GB on-board storage
  • 8 GB RAM

The best Sceptre x360 model comes with:

  • Core i7 processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 512 GB SSD

In terms of performance, the laptop was never under trouble—multiple tabs, games, videos— everything works well on the HP Sceptre x360. Under optimal conditions, HP promises 12.5 hours battery life but then for a usual user, the battery lasts 6-7 hours on a round of charge. Nothing unique with this HP model but it is definitely utilitarian and if you can afford it—go ahead!… Read the rest

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Costing $1,679, Lenovo Is Now Out With Thinkpad Helix

The tech world is continually offering tabs and innovative devices, making us thirsty for more and more. The latest to join the league is Lenovo with its 11.6-inch Thinkpad Helix that’s now out with a price tag starting $1,679. Versatile and solid, the Thinkpad Helix is a convertible ultrabook, rolled out as Windows 8 tablet. Interestingly, for use as a laptop, this machine can be easily clipped into a custom dock. Packed with Ivy Bridge chip, the device boasts a good battery life. With matte black finish and red highlights, the Thinkpad Helix looks classy. Weighing 1.73 lbs, the device is portable and easy to hold. With 1920 x 1080p screen, the tab offers wide display to watch movies and videos. The machine’s keyboard has no backlight but all keys are little bit curvy and evenly placed. However, keys such as caps lock when engaged do not glow. Instead Lenovo has provided on screen indications to signal an active caps lock. The multi-touch feature of the Thinkpad Helix makes the device clickable. On being tapped twice indicates right click and sliding with two fingers specifies a scroll. Lenovo also offers a stylus with the device for easy use as a tab.… Read the rest

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A Sneak Peek Into Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus


Enfolded inside a nice thin frame, the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus is a sleek laptop that comes packed with an increased battery life of up to 12 hours. The screen of this touchscreen Windows 8 laptop sports high resolution.

With the design and style same as the Samsung’s series 9 ultrabook, the Ativ Book 9 Plus comes designed with curved metal edging in blue-gray color. Made of metal, this laptop is strong and durable and made to withstand few bumps on the road.

Sitting at 13-inch size, the Ativ Book 9 Plus comes in a super-thin 13.6mm design. Sleek and stylish, the device sports a resolution of 3,200 x 1,800 pixels, giving users clear and vivid high-definition images and videos. Weighing just 1.39kg or 3.06pounds, this laptop is easy to carry around.

Considering the keyboard and touch pad, Samsung has made the device with some added twists. There’s a brighter backlight in the keyboard for easy use while traveling and the touch pad has been made more responsive with 10 touch inputs.

The Ativ Book 9 Plus comes packed with Haswell’s new chip Intel Core processor. The pricing or the availability of the laptop is still unknown.… Read the rest

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The Laptop Vs. The MACtop

For the ’show-off’ aspect of our personality, it’s well justified to pay a few extra bucks to acquire the elusive half eaten apple on our machine, isn’t it?

If you’re one of those who’s tired of choosing your newest machine, we’re here to make your choice easy. In the Harry Potter series it was prophesized that every wizard is destined to a specific type of wand and if attained, great things can be expected from the twosome. Similarly, each one of us is a wizard and our notebook is our wand with which we create our own worlds, our own magic and hence, it is imperative that we choose the perfect machine that serves our needs.

The entire Notebook market can be divided into three segments – the economic buy, the performance-cum-quality driven buy, and finally, the buy to flaunt. And unarguably, the new MacBook Pro basic model falls in the third category. I believe we all subscribe to the fact that a MacBook is not an economically logical buy. The few extra thousand bucks might not be justified, if you think about the distinguished features it offers. Take, for instance, the Facetime HD webcam, the new Intel connectivity platform – Thunderbolt, and an SDXC card slot capable of addressing a 2TB SD memory card (if that ever comes into market). All said, the sleek design would be the real calling for true Apple fans and to top it further, the new Retina Display Feature of Apple promises to make your viewing experience a real pleasure.

Despite all this, the very few customization options and almost impossible upgrades make it a very tough call to decide on the huge investment that the machine calls for. Another drawback that is passed on as a legacy from all previous MacTops is the overheating problem and the problem of battery life. Our dear half eaten fruit logo-ed company is known for its innovation has somehow, proved to be a failure in addressing such basic issues.

When it comes to notebooks driven by high performance and quality, my personal favorite is the new Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook. With its elegant elemental Silver Aluminum body and a powerful core i5 2467M processor with Turbo Boost 2.0, this little devil is sure to take your breath away. The backlit keyboard, large touch pad, edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass over the display, and small footprint all add up to an impressive package. And all this at a competitive price when compared to the various other Ultrabooks available in the market, including the MacBook Air. Although coming late into the Ultrabooks market, Dell sure did prove its worth all over again. However, our job is not to tell you the goodies right? Let’s bring out the real picture. After a lot of detailed inspection, the only drawback we could find with this hotselling machine is that the RAM is only upgradable to as much as 4GB. Makes us a little sad doesn’t it?

Not lagging far behind in competition in terms of performance and price is the new Viao S Series. If you are one of those colorful personalities passionate about the aesthetics and feel of your machine, the Sony VAIO S VPCSA290X is a buy waiting for you. This baby offers you ample speed and performance augmented with excellent design features–all at a fairly nominal price. This would be an ideal choice for an economic buyer who is ready to compromise on some levels to get the best value for money. But if you’re looking into the segment of laptops at a premium price, you’ll not be the one who is ready to compromise on average speed, average sound and average performance right? Therefore, Sony has to understand that if they have to offer such an average product, just labeling it a Viao and marketing itself at a premium product won’t bring them any good.

A quick glance on the specifications is as follows:

  Apple Macbook Pro (basic model) Dell 13 Ultrabook Sony VAIO S VPCSA290X
Processor 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i5-2467M processor (1.60 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 2.30 GHz,TPM) 2.3-GHz Intel Core i5-2410M
Memory 4GB upgradable to 8GB 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 1333MHz Memory 4GB upgradable to 8GB
Hard Drive 320 GB SATA 128GB Solid State Drive 500GB SATA
Display Type 13.3-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen display with support for millions of colors Elemental Silver Aluminum and 13.3″ Hi-Def (720p) True Life(1366×768) WLED Display with 1.3MP Webcam 13.3″ LED backlit display (1600×900)
Operating System OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit (English) MS Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
Optical Drive DVD Burner DVD Burner
Graphics Processor Intel HD Graphics 3000 Intel HD Graphics 3000 AMD Radeon HD 6630M/Intel HD
Video Memory 384MB 384MB 1 GB


To sum it up, it’s up to you as to which features you’re willing to compromise on and what negatives aren’t frustrating enough for you even after shelling out the extra moolah. If you want it sleek, you have to compromise on a few features. If you want it powerful and fast, you’ll have to buy an icepack to keep you and your machine cool. If you want nothing and know nothing, there’s always a Viao round the corner that’ll be perfect for you!… Read the rest

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