Google Adds Street View Tab To Maps; Plans To Integrate Delhi Routes

Google Inc Rejects Allegations Leveled By European Commission

Google has finally added some new features tagged to their popular Maps.  According to what we saw on the Android client for Google’s navigation and mapping offerings, you can gear up for Map previews besides offering a business shortcut. Last weekend, Google has started the test phase for allowing food related photograph uploads on Maps. What’s more — these new add-ons will be available for the Indian version too. What’s New? Google Maps saw an update to Android 9.13.0 version and will come enhanced with Street View option on the left bottom corner of the display screen.  Once you tap it, the entire Street View of the region pops up.  However, Street View has not yet arrived in India. Adding new businesses too is a much acclaimed feature. In case you can see a business that is yet to see a listing, you simply need to click on “add a missing business” button [+more]

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Google Set To Release Android 6.0– Christens It Marshmallow; Packs In Three Solid Specs

Google Set To Release Android 6.0

The latest generation for Android OS is finally set to hit marts and has interestingly been named Marshmallow. Currently, the platform is in its beta phase but a preview build release had been made available to developers last week. Around Fall this year, the final versions could be made available but it could be a little longer before these are updated to compatible handsets. We had known that Android 6.0 was set to arrive, back in May during the Google I/O Conference; this had been known as Android M then. However, going with the name of Marshmallow Google has kept its trend of using sweet treats as name for its Android update names. Top Three Marshmallow Features Users of Android will barely see much interface-based differences between Android Lollipop 5.0 and the upcoming Marshmallow. The interfacial changes were already reduced by Lollipop sometime back. The major revamps are intrinsic and aim [+more]

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Google Not Prepared To Launch Project Ara; Testing Newer Design Alogrithms


Google has been trying to stand out of the regular crowd with its Project Ara. However, things have taken a turn such that too unconventional a thing could lead you into hot water.  According to inside scoop, the latest upcoming phone from Google might just allow you to swap all its main components. Despite its best design algorithms, this is one thing the maker is finding hard to achieve.  A latest tweet from the Project Ara team at Google says, “No more electro-permanent magnets.” This concept is a challenge now and the maker is working on redoing the entire framework of Project Ara such that it can join all the modules together. More so, Google needs to create a phone that does not fall apart when it hits the floor.  Therefore, the durability factor is something at stake here. The creators of Project Ara say that they are in process of [+more]

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Bing’s Contextual Search on Android Could Compete with Google?

Bing's contextual search on Android could compete with Google?

Bing had always been known as a criticized and underrated search engine and was not a preferred one as it was living under the shadow of Google search. This is a service that was owned by Microsoft and was created back in the year 1998 by the name MSN Search. However, it was re launched in the year 2009 with the name Bing. Since then, it has been making a lot of progress. There have been a lot of improvements in it and new features are being added on a frequent basis. The latest news is that, the Bing application for Android will have a new feature. The Android users can now implement it on Google Now. The latest feature is known to be Snapshots on Tap. Through this feature, the users will be able to get the right information on what is being displayed currently on the screen of [+more]

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Sundar Pichai To Lead Google- 5 Interesting Facts About The New CEO

Sundar Pichai to lead Google

A native of Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India, Sundar Pichai is now the new CEO of Google. While it is now known that Google will just concentrate only on the core businesses like search, Android, YouTube, apps, ads and maps, people all across the globe might be interested to learn about the new CEO.  Sundar Pichai- 5 things you may like to know Born on July 12, 1972, a bright student, Pichai completed his Metallurgical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. Later he went to pursue MS from the prestigious Stanford University and then he entered Wharton School at Pennsylvania University for completing MBA. He started his term with Google in 2004 and was appointed as product management department’s vice-president. In the year 2008, he became the man to lead the launch of Google Chrome. Four year later, in 2012, he also received added responsibilities of monitoring Google Apps. Pichai was assigned [+more]

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