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Know How to Remove an Image from Google

It may be an image in the google search results or under any site. To remove an image from Google, you’ll have to either contact the site owner, who has posted the image, or send an image removal request to Google. This is how to remove an image from Google.

Note: Most of the images that come up under the Google search results are usually from websites and are not owned by Google. That’s why users have to figure out where these images are showing up on Google and reach out to them. And how to do this, everything is mentioned below.

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Steps to remove an image from Google

The process of removing images from Google may take some time, so be patient with the process and be easy with it. Follow the following steps to know how to remove the image from Google:

Step 1: Find out the owner to remove the image, here are a few ways to contact the site owner

  • Look out for ‘Contact us’, you will find it in the form of any email address or link. You can find it on the homepage or at the end of the page
  • You can also use the Whois method to find out the site owner. You can pick up the site address and type Whois ‘site address’ in the search bar. You will find the email address to contact the site owner under ‘Administrative contact’ or ‘registrant email’
  • If you are still unable to reach out to the owner, try reaching out to the hosting company of the site. There you will find some contact to reach the site owner.

Step 2: Once you find the address, reach the site owner. You can ask them to remove the image from their site (if it belongs to you in any way). Once done, it will be removed from Google if removed from the site. 

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If the image remains in the Google image results, for that you can follow further steps.

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Steps to remove the image from Google search results

  • Go to the Google search results > look out for the image you wish to remove
  • Right-click on the image and choose ‘copy link address’
  • In case of mobile, tap on the image > then tap on share > further copy the link
  • Now begin your removal request > go to the address
  • Tap on ‘Click New Request’ > now tap on the Image tab
  • Choose the option ‘copy link address’ URL from the Image Search results
  • Paste the image address in the box > tap on ‘Submit’
  • Further tap on ‘OK’ to exit

In a few days, the image will be removed from Google.


If the image you wish to remove from Google belongs to you, you have the right to ask for its removal. Without hesitation, reach out to the site owner or request image removal from Google. You have the right to go for it. We hope now you know how to remove an image from Google.

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