Google Map New Features: Colourful & Detailed


Google Maps is in full mood to keep the 15th birthday celebrations going. If you are wondering what is new with Google Map, then let us spill the beans for you. Leveraging computer vision techniques, Google Maps has decided to go all colourful in order to add more detail and granularity to its map. Considered as the world’s most popular navigation app, the visual improvements will enable users to use the key features of Google Map in an enhanced way.

A Google blog said, “The new maps will be available in the 220 countries and territories currently supported by Google Maps, from the biggest metropolitan areas to small, rural towns.” The search engine also added that street maps are also getting more detailed in select cities.”

The map added that more detailed maps with natural features would be rolling out with the next week. Expected to occur simultaneously around the world, and it adds that you’ll need to ‘zoom out’ to be able to see them.”

colourful google map

Everything About Google Map’s New Feature

  • With this, the Google Maps latest feature will allow users to explore the natural features. This means, we will be able to distinguish arid and tan deserts, beaches from rivers and blue lakes as well as oceans from ravines. With the latest Google Map features, users will also know how lush and green a place is with vegetation at a glance. One will also be able to see if there are snow caps on the peaks of mountaintops.
  • Google has used colour mapping technique in the newest version. It will use computer vision to identify natural features from our satellite imagery, looking specifically at arid, icy, forested, and mountainous regions. These features are then analysed and assigned with a range of colors on the HSV color model.
  • New features would also include details on COVID-19 checkpoints and restrictions on crossing national borders. The feature will first be rolled out in Canada, Mexico and United States
  • The update would allow users to check how crowded a train station might be at a particular time, or if buses on a certain route are running on a limited schedule.


Google Maps is also getting new features for pedestrians. Users will soon be able to see highly detailed street information that shows accurate shape and width of a road to scale. They will also be able to see exactly where sidewalks, crosswalks and more are located.

With the latest features, Google Maps will make it easier for people to navigate their cities on foot or via other modes of solo transportation, like bicycles, bikes or scooters. The map will also showcase accurate shape and width of a road to provide a better sense of how narrow or wide a street is, in relation to its surroundings.

These expected features will be rolled out for all 220 countries and territories that Google Maps supports.

Stay tuned for latest news and updates on Google Maps latest features.