Google Maps follow us everywhere we go. Yes, it’s scary but we cannot help rely on it for directions to obscure places, in new cities and when we want to check our ‘friendly’ cabbie is taking the right route. Luckily for us, there is likely to be a Google Maps Incognito Mode soon. Some of the privacy features have been rolled out to beta testers.

Google Maps Incognito Mode
Screen Grab of Google Maps

With this, Google Maps Incognito Mode will be able to offer better privacy on location data. As in Google Chrome, it will come with specific privacy features. Currently, the Incognito Mode for Google Maps is being tested for use with Android apps, reports XDA Developers. Just like in Google Chrome, this new mode for Google maps will include specific privacy features when rolled out globally.

Additionally, the report said this Google Maps 10.26 version is likely to have an “Eyes Free” mode that will reduce the number of times one has to look at the phone to use it for navigation. The report added that it would “add more detailed voice guidance during walking navigation”.

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A new “Live View” navigation mode has been included that overlays walking directions in augmented reality. Another interesting feature that is being added to Google Maps is a support for bike-sharing stations. This will help people locate docked bike sharing services around them. India doesn’t have many bike docking stations yet, but it is surely a great feature. In May 2019, Google has also set a new update that could locate speed limits and mobile radar locations in over 40 countries. India was also included in this list. In July 2019, 45,000 community and public toilets were included in India’s Google Maps to cover the Central government’s “Loo Review” campaign. This feature covers 1,700 cities in India.