5 Must-have Smartphone Apps To Upgrade Your Lifestyle


What if you can use an app to increase your knowledge and productivity? Many people already are using some most popular apps to stay up to date with the world around them or to make most out of their limited spare time during a day. We all carry smartphones today and the apps in our handset devices have much more potential than we realize. Here I am talking about some most popular and useful apps that are improving the way we live. After reading this, you will be tempted to install these apps on your smartphones if you haven’t yet. Here come the 5 must-have apps…..

Google Maps


Who does not like to travel? There is hardly a single day which does not require us to travel. Going to places becomes, even more, fun when you know how to reach there, especially when there are unavoidable circumstances. Google Maps can tell you all possible ways to your destination. It tells you where you are and how much distance in time and space you need to cover to reach to your destination. Google Maps does not show one but multiple ways to get to a single destination. The navigational app is sure one of the useful apps to have on your smartphone.



It is one of the most popular chatting apps. It is a great way to connect with your contacts. It makes communicating with those who live abroad convenient. According to recent statistics, WhatsApp has more than 1.3 billion monthly active users making it one of the most popular mobile apps in the world. WhatsApp provides instant chat services, video and audio calling to users.



The ride-sharing app is most popular mean to book a ride. Uber is most famous and reliable source to hire rides within a city or within a country. Uber has a strong network of its drivers and cabs worldwide providing superior and quick riding services to customers around the globe. You never know when you might fall in need of the Uber app, thus we suggest you have it installed in your smartphone.



Today scanning devices are becoming uncommon as scanning apps have started producing exceptional scanning results.  These scanning apps can be accessed through your smartphone. CamScanner is one of the most popular scanning apps that turn your smartphone and its camera into an ideal scanning device that can scan a document just as accurately as a scanning device will do. The scanner does everything right from cropping, brightness to image alignment. The final result is professional looking scans.



Our curiosity of being up to date with the world around us encourages us to turn to newspapers and online news portal. However, the busy lifestyle leaves us no time to satisfy our curiosities and pursue our interests. Therefore, Inshorts is just an ideal app for you to refer to in order to remain updated about what’s happening in the world. Inshorts is a news app that presents a news in just 60 words or less. Download Inshorts in your smartphone and read news on the go.