Arkham Knight Dampens Gamer Spirits With Poor Interface And Unavailability On Steam

Some games can cause a stir but only end up falling flat when handled on PC. Batman: Arkham Knight is one such game that was a pleasure to get hands on but the basic interface issues and graphics resembling an early generation PS3 feature, makes it a dissappointment for PC users. What was worse was right as gamers got their system notched up higher, Steam made the game unavailable for sale. As if the issues such as that Batman fails to unlock on Steam earlier was not demoralising enough!

Better News Revealed

While the bad news has poured in, Kotaku reveals that game players who have selectedArkham Knight Dampens Gamer Spirits With Poor Interface And Unavailability On Steam to receive the beta updates for Steam can actually lay hands on Arkham Knight and even play it seamlessly. Few gamers say on forums that post this update, the frames reached past 60/second with 1080p resolution. In fact, the issues over viewing angles and interface too straightened up post this update.

The Single Patch

While this is just because of a single patch, we will have to wait and see if this is finalised for being permanently placed later. With new saucy games set to strike us this year, we guess the Arkham Knight maker needs to hurry up if at all it wants to appease Batman fans.Read the rest

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Mario Kart 8 To Get Tough Fight From Nintendo’s Splatoon?

Nintendo fans have a reason to rejoice as the company is all set to launch Splatoon’s marketing campaign in competition to Mario Kart 8. Chandra Nair, the marketing manager at Nintendo UK  stated in interview that they are confident about the colorful new shooter.

The reports also indicate that the gaming platform has already started to push Splatoon on the digital billboards. Ads have also appeared in different cinema halls and digital media 

The company is pushing the game in every media channel and is also planning to build skatepark in Corby with Splatoon theme.

The game is set to release in Japan on May 28, 2015 and concerns characters called linkilngs, beings that can transform grom humniods to squids and vice versa.

They can hide or swim with the aid the colored ink spray. It will feature several modes including 4-on-4 multiplayer.


 … Read the rest

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Mortal Kombat X for PS4: How to Unlock Jason Vorhees on Sony Console?

‘Friday The 13th’ franchise fans will get loads to feast on while they play Mortal Kombat X (MKX) roster on their PlayStation 4 now. However, it is just as likely that you might be able to see Jason– the latest character addition. This can be fixed with these easy steps and barely eat up much time. Check out the process outlined in six easy steps-

  • Mortal Kombat X for PS4Step 1: Begin with downloading Jason Voorhees, the Kombat Pack and Horror Pack from Playstation Store. Once you select Mortal Kombat X, choose the game page and click on Add-Ons.
  • Step 2: Boot the game, making sure you downloaded Horror Pack and Jason Voorhees separately.
  • Step 3: Select either the Training Mode or Single Fight before selecting two characters with a stage.
  • Step 4: As your fight sequence boots, select PS button and flick  the Netflix app open for suspending MKX.
  • Step 5: Get back to MK X after few seconds and the pause the game. Select the menu for choosing screen. Click on yes when asked whether you want to postpone Mortal Kombat X for opening Netflix app.
  • Step 6: Finally get to see Jason Voorhees on the row at the top on the left corner of your game screen.

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Clash of Clans Updates Released- Air Sweeper and Bookmarking Feature To Increase Thrill

Clash of Clans’ players now have all the reason to rejoice, as Supercell has declared the completion of its maintenance and released new updates on April, 30, 2015. The freemium strategy game is now loaded with more features to make the game even more enticing. As per the reports, The Air Sweeper, or the anti-air defense system available with the update will allow the users to slog the air attacks and increase their chances of winning.

Clash of Clans Updates ReleasedNot just this, the update released at the Town Hall 6 also allows the players to bookmark 30 clans for later viewing. It also offers players to get an army preview and prepare themselves accordingly before any of the clans attack.

The new update is also reported to feature some modifications in the clan chat interface, defense building, defense modes as well as in defense ranges. Changes are also reported to be found in Matchmaking as well as in game play.

Though several improvements have been made on the game to offer better experience, the Air Sweeper technique has not received much praise as fans expected some better features to be unveiled after the maintenance. However, the game could not be played immediately after the update as it was under maintenance and more reviews on the updated features is expected to surface soon.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse DLC 3 To Release This May

Come May and gamers will finally find themselves immersed in Dragon Ball Faithful. Dragon Ball Xenoverse DLC 3 will release next month and will stream on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and the usual PC. If you happen to be in Japan, simply catch the flick “Dragon Ball: Resurrection of F” and download the code from your movie ticket to get hands on the DLC 3.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse DLC 3Fans are already going gaga over the anticipated new features of the game that comprise five new parallel quests, seven Z souls, 14 latest moves, two costumes and eight master quests. The game will have two accessories and two new masters too. The first is named the Turtle Hermit and Tagoma’s Scouter while the latter will be Elder Kai and Jaco the Galactic Patroller. A slew of new characters too are on way for the Xenoverse DLC 3.

As for those waiting to grab the game, you can purchase the Dragon Ball Xenoverse DLC 3 at about 9.99 US dollars sans the season pass. If you happen to have a pass you need to shell out 24.99 US dollars for the four DLC releases round the year.

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Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Ups The Ante: Download It In A Jiffy And Take The Cheats Along

The download trick:

Much-awaited, Plants vs. Zombies 2 launch has been delayed to a summer release. Nevertheless, lucky users in Australia and New Zealand can enjoy the play as July 10th marked its entry into the continent.

However, for those in other countries who can’t wait, do not fret! There is a way to get the game on your iOS 6 devices. To start with, go to Apple Support; create a new iTunes account from the U.S. to Australia to get apps from that territory. Download Plants vs. Zombies 2 app from the Australian App Store and install on your device to simply enjoy the game.

A look at game’s content:       

Along with download details, there’s also revelation on premium content presented in Plants vs. Zombies 2.

Launched in three worlds- Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas and Wild West, the game holds four free playable plants including Squash, Jalapeno, Snow Pea and Torchwood. Interestingly, there’s also the new Power Lily included that seeds out plant food- a new currency to be purchased with real currency to unlock.
Some content comes as standalone purchases, as part of bundles with coins and upgrades. Rumor indicates $1 cost for each plant.

It comes with map screens of each world to give players access to stages, where they can discover possible branching paths that can be unlocked with keys. These keys can be collected as random drops or be bought as an in-app purchase.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 also house engaging touch-enabled power-ups that lets players touch the heads of zombies or move them around the map.… Read the rest

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The Countdown Begins: ‘Nintendo Wii U’ Will Hit the US Stores Nov. 18th, starting @$299!


That’s the day set, when all gaming fans will get access to the Nintendo’s next generation console.

For those waiting, the news comes as a respite as the Nintendo Wii U will go on sale in North America on Nov. 18th.

Launching just in time before the holiday season, gamers and developers will have something they can look forward to.

Wii U will come in two versions, with basic white color 8GB console costing $299.99 and deluxe 62GB version costing $349.99.

Wii has been a success for the firm and with a deluxe model in sleek black; Nintendo tries to be a hit, yet again.

Apple and Android offer serious mobile gaming threats to Nintendo along with Sony and Microsoft.

Nintendo is known for casual gamers, especially after its family-friendly Wii, which saw success with family-oriented games such as Wii Fit and Wii Sports.

At an event in the New York, Reggie Fils-Aime, President, Nintendo America talked of many features of Wii U, hyping the fact that “Nintendo TVii” service will let users integrate their video services, including Hulu and Netflix.

Wii U will come packed with a tablet-like GamePad controller, which users can also use as stand-alone playing platform or a television remote.

It offers competition to Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, which the company announced in the summer, will finally be handy on almost any tablet via an app.

The latest Wii U is designed to support two of the tablet controllers, as well as four Wii remotes. It will be shipped with one GamePad.

Launched in 2006, the system’s graphics were noticeably lagging behind the market, and hence needed an upgrade.

The price range of $299 for the basic model puts this new console in line with the lowest prices for those aging consoles.

Will the game developers embrace the new design is what will define its success.

Nintendo officials said to include 50 titles for the console by March 2013, though many of the titles come ported from Sony and Microsoft’s consoles.

However, gamers in other countries will have to wait a little longer for Wii U as the console will hit Europe on November 30th and Japan on December 8th.… Read the rest

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The New Game App: Swipe Your Way To Victory With The Infinite Warrior


For those who love their swordfight games, the Infinite Warrior plans to stretch the battle to infinity. And yes, do act wisely since the warrior only strikes once…

If you are completely not over the days of the knights and time of the swordfights then, Infinite Warrior released by Empty Flask Games LLC will be a delight for you. Capturing the beauty of a charming stroke of the sword and the relishing the victory over a felled opponent are enough highs for a gamer. At least, the days of the knights still retain some charm for me till now and the game’s easy accessibility and simplicity coupled with high end graphics are impressible.

The game has a simple operation. You just have to swipe in the right direction to make the perfect kill and it all happens in one stroke. Yes, no repeat performances, no chances to reverse your move and yes, no turning back. A right swipe and you move along to the next adversary ready to draw blood and a wrong one, you relinquish the game. The blood spill in each of the sequences is heightened owing to the actual reality of such a battle and that makes the gaming experience all the more gripping.

The game is nicely rendered with special 3D effects offering a wonderful and enjoyable glimpse of a relentless battle. And the fight moves by the warrior are varied. A swipe from you can enable him to stab, crush or even result in a martial arts kick to his opponent. The rewards for the feats are bountiful as players get to earn hidden treasures, and gain experience points which will unlock more levels. The coins and gems collected on the way also ensure that you have upgraded weapons and armors. There are over 30 customization options for setting up the right look for your knight. And yes, if you see any resemblance between the fighter and the Assassin’s Creed character that is just pure coincidence!

If you are interested in adding more coins without gameplay, you can always opt for in-app purchases as well. This is a highly overrated option since you can always develop across the advances after a good practice run. But timing is crucial is to the game and one has to use the swipe in the right time and direction. The game helps you with the direction guidance as well, as a small arrow appears on the screen showing the direction of the stroke.

If you are stopped by the price (2.99$), then don’t feel discouraged, after all good things in life do come at a price. Although, many would feel that it is a bit too much. But when you come across such amazing techniques on your iPhone or iPad device, you would not worry about it at all. The Infinite Warrior is an endless distance game and you can play long stretches without worrying that the game may desert you in between. So swipe your way to new experiences in a fantasy world where the sword play still hasn’t got old and the battle is still going strong!


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HitFox Collaborates with Team Europe to Launch HitFox Game Venture

Game distribution and marketing company Hitfox, along with Team Europe, is planning to get into incubator space by launching HitFox Game Ventures. Hitfox is a Berlin and San Francisco-based company that was founded by serial entrepreneurs Jan Beckers, Tim Koschella, Ruben Haas, and Hanno Fichtner. With the new venture, they plan to pay attention only on investing in and acquiring start-ups who show something promising in the video game sales and marketing.

HitFox has made it clear that it will be offering money in six-figures and that it will also offer its experience in game distribution to get good results. It has also said that it will not hesitate in sharing its own network and resources. On this occasion, HitFox’s CEO Jan Beckers also mentioned his team of 55 gaming, marketing and IT specialists that his company has put together over the last 12 months. The company aims to establish a minimum of two businesses every year to ascertain its worth.

“Taking on the role of incubator, we are now using this momentum and rapport with customers to support other game distribution start-ups,” says Beckers.

Founded in May 2011, at present HitFox itself is working on the start-ups. The other companies that offer its support to HitFox are Tengelmann Group, Hasso Plattner Ventures, Kite Ventures and Digital Pioneers. The company has clarified that it needs to earn seven-figure turnover on monthly basis to maintain its stand in the market.

Ad2Games which was Germany’s largest advertising network for online games was taken over by HitFox in February 2012.… Read the rest

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