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Free Fire and Street Fighter Collaboration

Yes, you read that right!! Free Fire and Street Fighter 5 crossover event to start in July. With the Free Fire and Street Fighter collaboration, the iconic arcade game series can have several new additions, including new characters, emotes, and other in-game items.

According to Garena, the game publisher behind Free Fire, gaming enthusiasts can expect fan favourites Street Fighter Ryu and Chun-Li coming to the game as new characters.The company has not yet revealed any details regarding the official release date of the new characters.

 Here’s the video for the official announcement of Free Fire X and Street Fighter collaboration

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There have been more leaks about the upcoming in-game items. These include:

  • Ryu backpack
  • Ryu ice
  • Emote Hadouken
  • Chun-li package
  • Ryu set
  • Lobby tree
  • Ryket Special Royale Ticket
  • Chun-li set
  • T-shirt Ryu
  • Granada Hadouken
  • Mp5 Chun-li
  • Mag-7 Chun-li

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The Free Fire and Street Fighter collaboration will enable allow Street Fighter 5 characters to make their way into Free Fire. This will give all player a chance to enjoy the inclusion of new characters.

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Free Fire and Street Fighter collaboration 1

We all know Free Fire is no stranger to such major collaborations. In the past, the game has tied up with Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo, Brazilian DJ Alok, Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, and others to add in-game characters around the personalities.

Recently, Garenaeven collaborated with McLaren, British automotive company.With this joining of hands, you can expect McLaren P1™ and the MLCExtreme concept car making their way to Free Fire game. An exclusive car MCLFF is also coming to the game.

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