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5 Best Game Recording Software 2021

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While gaming consoles are fun, some people still prefer to play games on their PC. Game recording software helps you capture gameplay in HD quality and share clips on social media sites. So, if you have been looking for the best game recording software 2021, you are at the right place!

Game recording software allows you to store videos in different formats such as MP4, MOV, GIF, etc., and also record live streaming. However, most of these tools record raw videos without any kind of compression leading to a huge video size. So, we recommend you compress it before sharing it on social media sites.

So, what is the best recording for gaming?

Open Broadcaster Software(OBS)

Perhaps one of the best software available, Open Broadcaster Software is preferred by many gamers. OBS allows you to record your gameplay as well as stream it sides by side. Using OBS is fairly easy as you don’t have to change any settings to accommodate the software. All you need to do is select the source which you would like to record and then start recording.

Open Broadcaster Software(OBS)

That said, OBS has a learning curve to it which you can get used to easily. This software helps you record in MP4 and FLV formats and it uses your PC’s GPU for high-quality streaming. In addition to its basic video recording and saving features, OBS has several side features such as  Picture-in-Picture mode, Custom Watermarks, and Push-to-Talk mode, necessary for video tutorials.

Compatibility:Windows 7, 8,8.1,and10 , macOS (10.11 and newer versions), Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 and latest versions)

Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS is a great software for people starting out or for those looking for less complicated software. This OBS is a video recording and streaming platform that aims to simplify OBS’ interface for beginners.

Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs is easy to use and comes with several integrated features that help you record and stream your games easily.

As this software connects to your Streamlabs account, you can import all the tools directly from the company’s website without copying and pasting different URLs.

Additionally, Streamlabs software comes with similar features as that of the original OBS with a simplified interface.

Compatibility: Windows 7, 8,8.1, and 10

Nvidia GeForce Experience

Yet another best game recording software 2021, Nvidia GeForce Experience is a great software for those already using the Nvidia GPU. Apart from updating your Nvidia drivers, this software included Nvidia’s Shadowplay feature that enables you to record games easily.

Nvidia GeForce Experience

Shadow Play uses GPU(Nyenc) that allows video encoding without using too much CPU power.

Nvidia GeForce can record at the same resolution as your display. So, if you have an Nvidia GPU, you must try this free software.

Compatibility: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Radeon ReLive

Previously known as AMD ReLive, this is AMD’s proprietary software that allows you to record gameplay on an AMD card.

Like the Nvidia GeForce solutions, ReLive also uses the GPU for most of the encoding, saving your CPU for other useful work. Additionally, this software comes with support for upscaling.

Radeon ReLive

Compatibility: RX Vega, 500 Series Graphics products; AMD Radeon™ HD 8500 – HD 8900 Series; AMD Radeon™ HD 7700 – HD 7900 Series, AMD Radeon R9 200, R7 200, R5 300, R5 240 Series; Radeon RX 400 Series; Radeon R9 Fury, R9 300, R7 300 Series; Radeon Pro Duo;


Bandicam is one of the best screen recorders you can have. When used as a screen recorder for Windows, Bandicam offers great recording ability at high bitrate and frames. Bandicam also doubles up as a great recording software for games.


This software allows you to record videos at customizable frame rates and 4K ultra HD resolution. As it comes with an in-built compression feature, it offers small size video recordings without compromising on the quality. You can adjust the recordings for gaming or other PC activities and increase or decrease the size of the window.

Hopefully, this list helps you find the best game recording software 2021. Do your research and select the one that suits your requirements. Happy gaming!

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