Memes are the new lingo if you want to spread awareness among today’s youth and the large community of netizens. Interestingly, Mumbai Police is also employing the trick to create awareness amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and is doing quite well with its creative memes.

The team recently shared a video game inspired meme to emphasise on the importance of sanitizers and facemasks to stay safe from the novel coronavirus. The meme was inspired by the Japanese video game called the Space Invaders.

Mumbai Police had tweeted an image of sanitizer attacking the virus looking objects on July 27 and also shared it later on its official Instagram page. Moreover in the image, the sanitizer takes Put some ‘Space’ between you and these ‘invaders’.

The post was captioned, “Put some ‘Space’ between you and these ‘invaders’. Use masks as ‘shields’. #TakingOnCorona”

The post grabbed attention of many as the overall image significantly looked a lot like the screen display of the aforementioned video game called the Space Invaders.The Japanese shooting video game was originally released by Taito in 1978. Developed by Tomohiro Nishikado, Space Invaders was inspired by several media including Star Wars, Breakout and The War of the Worlds.

The shooter icon in the actual video game has been replaced by a bottle of sanitizer and alien characters with smaller virus-shaped icons while the four face masks replace shield symbols from the original game. Thereby, the meme tries to being notice and emphasise on the significance of sanitizers and face masks in our battle against the COVID-19.

The post received much applaud and appreciation from the audience. The post has so far garnered over 200 likes and over 8000 likes on Twitter and Instagram respectively.

A user replied to the tweet, “You always use interesting visuals to explain” while another remarked, “This is so cool! You guys are on fire.” read one comment under the post. An Instagram user stated, “Haha… this is awesome”.

Notably, it isn’t the first time that the Mumbai Police has shared such an image. It often shares creative memes to spread awareness around various underlying issues. It has grown rather popular for its interesting memes among the netizens.        

However, many fans also took the Monday tweet as an opportunity to ask for CBI enquiry into the death of famed emerging Bollywood actor, Sushant Singh Rajput alleging it has been a murder not suicide.

Another user appealed in the comments, “Be fair in shushantsingh Rajput’s case @MumbaiPolice  #CBIEnquiryForSSR #SpeakUpForSushant”

Furthermore, in another shocking update, Mumbai Police is reportedly also investigating the case of fake social media followers of popular Bollywood celebrities including Priyanka Chopra and DeepikaPadukone.