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What Are the Experts Saying About iPhone 15

iPhone 15 models reached a “whole new level” with the addition of a titanium frame to the Pro models along with camera improvements for all as per tech analysts. The new handsets were unveiled by Apple in its annual September event. Although the lineup is not much different from the previous year.

During which they confirmed major camera upgrades. There are better zoom options and Portrait photos can be clicked automatically now. Another big change people have been eagerly waiting for is the charging port. It has been changed to a USB-C port especially due to the regulations placed in the United Kingdom.

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Experts speak

Paolo Pescatore

Paolo Pescatore of PP Foresight said, “Today’s event underlines the ongoing importance of the iPhone to Apple; while USB-C charging will grab the headlines, the new long-awaited camera periscope zoom feature with the titanium case propels the Pro Max to a whole new level,” during the event.

He further added, “The iPhone remains a core and lucrative product for the company, representing a gateway to the Apple universe of accessories, services and other high margin businesses.”

iPhone 15 1

Ben Wood

The chief analyst at CCS Insight, Ben Wood, said, “No one should underestimate the strength and emotional attachment users have with Apple.” According to him although there were not much of “headline-grabbing updates” regarding the devices. However, it is not surprising that the products would still be sought after due to the nature of the Apple Watch and iPhone ranges. 

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He added, “It reflects just how refined the iPhone and Watch devices are and how tough it has become to deliver truly disruptive updates every year.” Wood considers the camera updates to be the trump card that would aid against its strongest rivals.

Wood stated, “It’s good to see 5x optical zoom on the iPhone Pro Max,” He said further, “This definitely narrows the gap on Samsung’s Galaxy S Ultra devices which have had 10x optical zoom for several years. The camera is one of the most important features for consumers on smartphones so this is a positive step.”

Leo Gebbie

One major area of interest for people during the event was Apple’s show of determination to become environmentally friendly as much as possible. The company has made announcements about its several sustainable products. Out of them, the new Apple Watches stand out the most as the tech giant said these would be their first carbon-neutral products.

The principal analyst for connected devices at CCS Insight, Leo Gebbie, said, “It will be fascinating to see how customers and the industry responds to Apple’s carbon-neutral branding.” He added, “Our research consistently shows that consumers care about the green agenda and want tech companies to play their part here, but it’s not yet clear whether putting environmental credentials on the box will directly influence buying decisions.” 

PA Media/dpa

PA Media/dpa stated, “The decision to eliminate leather could also create some tension with partners such as Hermes, which will continue to offer ‘official’ leather straps for the Watch at the same time Apple is moving away from the material.”

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The jury is still out on whether or now iPhone 15 models would be more durable than their predecessors. However, the buzz is that the new phones could feel and look more premium than previous ones. Overall, it can be said that the upcoming iPhone 15 range would be a crowd-pleaser.

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