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Sony e-Paper Smartwatch: Will It Be Something

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Sony has come up with an innovative product in the form of an experimental e-paper Sony comes out with an experimental e-paper watch watch. Being called the Fes Watch, Sony might start mass production of this watch if it is successful. However, it does fall short of expectations that you could have from a smartwatch.

The good news, however, is that the battery of this e-paper watch can last for up to 60 days. The face and strap of this watch has an e-paper display and works alike to e-book reader technology like Amazon’s Kindle.

Sony has deliberately kept this innovation a low key affair as it wants to be sure that if this technology comes out openly in the market, it should not disappoint the people who prefer to use it. Sony has given the task of developing this e-paper watch to Fashion Entertainment, a spin off division of Sony.

Noticeably, Fashion Entertainment is also working on a range of other products including glasses, bow ties and shoes. E-paper use however has its limitations as not all the features which could be used in a liquid crystal display would work here.

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However, the technology is still in its nascent stage and if Sony is able to bring a worthy product, the future of watches could change forever.

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Nishtha Shukla Anand
Nishtha Shukla Anand
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