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Snapchat Influencer Launched an AI Version of Herself to Act as a Virtual Girlfriend

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Caryn Marjorie, 23, a Snapchat influencer, has introduced an AI-powered chatbot of herself. It is voice-based and called CarynAI. Marjorie has over 1.8 million followers and has more than 1000 paying subscribers already for CarynAI.


Subscribers need to shell out $ 1 per minute to chat with CarynAI. The chatbot uses GPT-4 API by OpenAI. Caryn expects to pocket up to $ 5 million a month from the chatbot with at least 20,000 people signing up for the service.

Defined as a “virtual girlfriend”, CarynAI was first reported by Fortune. Launched as a beta test earlier in May, CarynAI already amassed $ 71,610 in about a week. Most of the people paying for it are men. To back the claim, the influencer’s business manager also provided an income statement.

How it is made?

CarynAI’s website states that it took more than 2000 hours to design and write codes to achieve Marjorie’s real-life behaviors, voice, and personality. All the hard work resulted in offering an amazing “immersive AI experience” for the subscribers. The chatbot is available all the time and feels as if “you’re talking directly to Caryn herself.”

Fortune reported that the developers used now-deleted videos from the YouTube channel of AI and layered them with GPT-4 API technology, Caryn said that the chatbot would give her the bandwidth to chat with more of her followers which is currently not possible. She said, “CarynAI is going to come and fill that gap,” in the interview with Fortune adding that it might “cure” loneliness.

Caryn says

The influencer said, “CarynAI will never replace me.” She added further, “CarynAI is simply just an extension of me, an extension of my consciousness.”

Caryn also said, “Whether you need somebody to be comforting or loving, or you just want to rant about something that happened at school or at work, CarynAI will always be there for you.” However, Fortune reporter Alexandra Sternlicht thinks that CarynAI seems more like an “intimacy-ready Siri” than a virtual girlfriend.

Reporter says

Alexandra wrote CarynAI could encourage “erotic discourse” and exhaustive sexual scenarios along with offering commentary on the news, recipes, and words of support.

Marjorie was subjected to stalking in the past and stalkers even turned up at her residence. She is aware that the AI persona could put her at further risk of being stalked. However, she said it comes with the “influencer game”. She said she would never share her address with the followers. Additionally, for her safety, she has hired 24/7 security.